Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Denim At Its Best

Hello Ladies and Gents!
Well I bet many of you have seen the classic long denim skirts that many homeschooled ladies and even ladies not in the homeschool circles wear. Its just a classic look, but sometimes it can be frumpy. You know what I mean not really flattering and just baggy looking and not so feminine even if it is a skirt. Well I want to change that and so do these companies.
I have made myself one jean skirt, which I will post pictures of sometime soon that is right at my new. I drafted it myself two summers ago and sewed it up out of light weight denim. Well, my sister and I did not have a machine a few years ago when I sewed this skirt that could go through really thick denim. So we thought lets look on the internet and see what denim skirts are out there that are stylish and feminine. Here are a few that I own and wear lots! And some that are new that I just love!

I just found this lovely skirt over at Christa Taylor' s online store. I have not purchases anything from Christa yet, but I love her cloths. My sister, mother, and I have bought many skirts from this lovely site called New Creation Women's Apparel as well. We adore this site! The customer service is wonderful and they are fast with shipping. Of course their skirts are high quality and feminine and so very adorable! We love this site!

They have some new denim that I would love to purchase. this skirt is adorable I think and comes in summer and thicker weight denim.

My mother and I each have this feminine skirt and love it!
This is on my list for purchasing! I love fuller skirts that are easier to move in and can be worn just about anywhere, even mountain climbing or hiking no problem.

This new skirt is also quite pretty with the flare at the bottom! I love full skirts! Can you tell?!!

I own this skirt and I always get compliments on it! People actually ask me if I did not embroidery knowing that I sew and am crafty and I politely tell them that I bought it from New Creation.

I also own this skirt and you may remember me wearing with my purple wrap top for WIFD here.
My sister owns this skirt and she wears it with just about any top or sweater and it always look very chic. She has worn this to stack the wood pile, church, everyday, or even hiking. Its very practical and she owns it in a lighter blue denim, not purple denim.
Well I will try and post some pictures of myself in my jeans skirts this week, showing that they can be chic and don't have to be frumpy.
In Christ,


Stephanie said...

Love these skirts! I'm currently hunting for some denim ones right now myself, a couple to wear out (my poor neglected polo and button-down shirts don't go so well with hippie skirts) and one or two to do housework in. Thanks for putting up some of your favs!

Good to see you on my blog. I'm glad some of my words have been an encouragement. When I was 18 (only a few years ago, but so much has changed), I was a far cry from the woman of God you seem to be.

SinginginHisName said...

I am glad I could help you out Stephanie! Like I said these skirts last and are very affordable over at new creation apparel. I have had my 5 from them for about 2 winters now and going on a third this winter and I just love them!

Oh well I still have a long way to go before being the woman God wants me to be I believe, but yes the Lord has changed me drastically ever since I became a christian 2 years ago, going on three this coming april! :) God bless Stephanie!

Ashley Nicole said...

Oh, I love the first and last ones! Thanks for sharing Rebecca.

SinginginHisName said...

yes I love those ones too ashley!