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Hello Readers,

My name is Rebecca Ann and I am a young woman who is seeking to glorify God with her whole life. By no means am I perfect, God is so good and has been refining me daily and pointing me to Him, Jesus the Perfect God Man.

 I want my whole life to be saturated with the love of Jesus. He is the only reason I am still breathing, praise God! Life gets harder, as a friend of mine observed recently, as you get older. It also gets harder when you are saved by Christ and become a new creation. God has been refining me each day, showing me the areas I am prone to sin and helping me to to learn to turn away from evil and do good. Many days I don't turn away from my sin, but I am learning its so freeing to do so. I have found my sin redirects me to the Lord, not always right away. God is so gracious to us all isn't he?! I know He is to me.

My Mother and I in our music studio where we teach piano and singing.

Currently, I am studying both piano and voice through Music Development Program through Carnegie Hall and The Royal Conservatory of Canada. Its a great program that I am doing from home, along with a few private lessons from my teacher Dr. Gilbert and my mother as well. I take exams for piano, voice, and music theory at my own pace each year. Lord willing, I will receive a teaching certification in piano and voice in the winter of 2015. 

Recently we had a website made for our Music studio as well. Do check it out and share it with friends if you know anyone in need of a piano/vocal instructor in Northern Virginia.

Its amazing how God brought to where I am at, I strive to be joyful knowing for whom much has been given, much is required. WOW! That is a tall order to obey God in this season of life, but its joyful obedience.

My sister Bethany and I at a midwifery conference in 2011. 

 I also enjoy gardening, composting, cooking, baking, cleaning and organizing things, vintage, antique, and thrift shopping, chatting and hanging out with friends and family, reading, hiking, sewing, Praise Moves, do living history reenactments, dancing(especially swing), riding my bike and much more. 

My first event wearing my finished wool civil war dress in 2010.

I pray the blog is an encouragement to you whether you are new or forever reader of my scribblings. :) 

I write blog posts about fashion, videos on hair care and makeup, music, my everyday life, tutorials, the Bible and outfit of the day posts. In all my blog posts I pray one thing comes through that I am not perfect and God, Jesus Christ is and He is a merciful, just, and loving God. 

Thanks for stopping by my page!
Rebecca Ann


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog, and I must say, it is lovely! It's nice to meet you, Rebecca. God bless!

Anonymous said...
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Rebecca Ann said...

Alison I am glad you found me! I hope my blog is not only fun but uplifting to read. God bless!

Anonymous said...
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