Monday, February 28, 2011

My etsy store is featured...

over at my friend Stephanie Ann's blog- the World turned Upside down. Stephanie has been a real encouragement to me spiritually and in the reenacting realm. Praise God for her willingness to help me advertise and share my new etsy store.
Go over and see the article her and I have written about my inspiration for my store! have a great monday!

In Christ,

Friday, February 25, 2011

Remix days 23 and 24

 Yes another day where I did not get a chance to do a photo outside. They are so much better outside, but I love the above photo in that photo shopped old photo color field! I wore a top I forgot was in my remixed items! it was put on the other side of the closet, not in the remix section, so I am glad I remembered that I had not worn my favorite purple wrap top yet! Its my favorite! I wore it for my grad photos.

 I also wore my favorite grey skirt and favorite sweater and I was set yesterday to do errands with my mom, get school done, practice piano and voice for 2 hours, and do a lot of fun cooking in my cast iron skillets! it was a great day!

The outfit consists of-
Black shrug-thrifted for $5.00
grey skirt- JC Penny $25.00
purple top- Ross $7.00
grey pashmina scarf- $10.00 Bath,England
Swirl silver earrings-$5.00 walmart

This outfit was more expensive, but these items are a lot of basics, total was $52.00! woo! expensive, but peices worth the cost. I have worn most of them over 3 years. :) still going strong!
I was not sure about this skirt for the longest time! I received it from a friend for free, but it was hard to find items that went with it! But now I have figured it out. :) Grey ruffles top and white sweater with brown shoes and tights is a great combo and my blue necklace from a friend set it off! I was happy today. :)

Outfit consists of-
Brown suede flats- gift from my parents for my England trip 2 years ago
polka dot blue skirt- free from a friend
white cardigan- swapped with my sister
grey ruffles top- $5.00 PX on the army base
brown tights-$8.00 target

have a lovely rest of your friday and I can't wait to show you all my new glasses in a few weeks! I picked them out today! I do look scholarly according to my sister and chic according to my mom. Hopefully a good sign that they will not be too out there! :)

In Christ,
Rebecca Ann
blue necklace- gift from a friend

total- $13.00! That was a great outfit! lots of free stuff! very economical for my budget! :)

Jesus Draw Me

Hey everyone!
As Jesus is our Lord and Savior, I love what this song has to say about following Him alone! Hope its an encouragement to you all. I have been writing some new songs as well and hope to post about them in near future. Hopefully I can record them soon.
Have a lovely friday!

Rebecca Ann

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Remix Day 22 and My journey to Feminine dress

 hello everyone! A friend of mine told me in an email that it was great that my blog is not just about fashionable clothing, its about being set apart in our clothing, because we are meant to be temples of the Holy Spirit and that is precious in God's sight. So I want to emphasis this in this post. I do not post pictures of myself in my feminine clothing to point fingers at anyone for being frumpy or for being immodest. That is not my goal, my goal is show that I dress in a feminine and modest way because Jesus Christ died for my sins and its the least I can do to for Him by obeying His commandment to me to dress in a modest and feminine way. Many of you may be wondering where it says in the Bible that we must dress in modest and feminine apparel?! I would tell you to read 1 Timothy, especially chapter 2 about the church and how men and women have different roles in the church and how they are to act and dress as members of the church. I would also tell you to read Deuteronomy and Proverbs, especially Proverbs chapter 31 and chapter 22 of Deuteronomy.The goal of my blog is to emphasize that the Lord is our top priority and our clothing even should be Biblical. Yes ladies your whole life should be measured against the Bible. So I decided when I was 16 to read the Word and find out what the Lord had to say about modest dress. So here are my thoughts on that.

 I pondered this question when I was 16 and here are the verses the Lord used to convict me that it was a command to dress a feminine and modest way.
" A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on woman's garments, for all who do are an abomination to the Lord." -Deuteronomy 22:4 

1 Timothy 2:5-10 " I desire therefore that the men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting; in like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or wearing of gold or pearls or costly clothing but, which is proper for women professing godliness, with good works."

Both of these verses I really pondered for over a year before I started trying to dress modestly and femininely full time! The Lord kept telling me to start dresesing in mostly dresses and skirt and top that were not too tight and no tight jeans anymore, but I kept resisting. I wanted to be like my peers in the youth group, but once I gave all my clothing to Him and told Him I would wear what He wanted me to wear He guided me to the types of clothing that I wear now and He guided me to styles that were modest and feminine and not frumpy only. I also thought modesty meant frumpy! But it does not, it means femininity and closeness to the Lord. That is better than my old clothing! Its so much better to not have to worry about my clothing and realize He will show me what to wear in the morning and good works and striving after Him is so much more important! So ladies I have come to realize that in the morning before I get ready, I pray and I read the Word and spend time with Him. Then I go to closet and spend a few minutes getting the outfit together. Spending an hour or so with the Lord really helps get you in the right frame of mind to choose a godly and feminine outfit. :)

Now this is between you and the Lord to what you should wear, and just because I say this outfit is modest and feminine does not mean you must dress according to my standards. You should be asking the Lord what is feminine and modest and will be glorifying to Him to wear. When I was 16 I remember reading the book So Much More by Elizabeth and Anna Sophia Botkin after I met them in person for the first time. I was freaked out because I thought I had to dress the way they dressed. I believe they were in their early 20's when I met them and I was only 16. I was scared that if I did not dress just like them that I was sinning because my hem line was not to the ground and my neck lines were not as high as theirs. But they were older than me and they are two different people who are receiving guidance from the Lord that may be different than what I being told by the Lord at 16 years old. It was hard enough for me to wear skirts at my knees, let alone to my ankles. It was hard for me to dress in an elegant and modest way. I wanted to dress just like them because I had a respect for them, but it was for the wrong reasons I thought I was sinning because I did not dress according to their standards.

I was putting them up on a pedestal and I was not realizing that I needed to form my own sense of style and what the Lord told me was modest and feminine to wear, not copy other people because they are so much holier than I am! Well no they are not holier, but I thought so, I was a new christian and still not seeing that I needed to be set apart and have my own standards and convictions and not just do what others are doing because they seem to know what is modest. I needed to look to the Lord and His Word myself and then form my own convictions about it from the Lord, not other people.

So I am writing all this to say that just because I wear something does not mean you have to wear the same thing. It does not mean I am dressing modestly either and it does not mean I am better than you because I dress this way. We are all at our own point in our convictions and reading of the Word. So search the Word for what you believe the Lord says about modesty and femininity. You can email if you have more questions here- ra.stricker@gmailcom

But I just want to emphasis that we should not just follow the crowd, even in christian circles! Don't wear the denim skirt only because your friend says its modest and don't wear that top just because someone says you have to wear a top that is that high! Form your own convictions about what is and is not modest and feminine. I realize this is hard and lots of times I have gotten harsh words because someone thought I was too modest or needed to dress more worldly. I am through with being of the world, so I want to dress in a way that is modern, but still feminine and not conforming to the fashions of the day. I am conforming to the Lords view of modesty in dress and demeanor.

So I hope this post is helpful, its not a thing about pants or skirts and its not about being fashionable or shabby, its about professing godliness to a dying world with our clothing. I hope this blog strives to hold true to that! God bless ladies!

The song below by the Gettys is the goal of this blog to be fed by the Word of God. I pray that everyone is fed by the Word of God through my blog. 

In Christ,

Remix 2/3 of the way done!

I can't believe I am almost done with the remix challenge! I must say its been hard, I want to wear so many other things that are in my closet. But it has made me really be creative and appreciate the pieces of clothing I own! woohoo for only spending $8.00 on some clothing while I did this challenge. I was close to not buying anything. :)

Todays outfit coming soon.

In Christ,
Rebecca Ann

What Grace is mine

I will go where ever He is calling me! thats so hard sometimes, but I want to lose my life to follow Christ! This song by the Gettys really describes my life right now. I want every aspect of my life to be all for Him!

Have a lovely wednesday everyone!

In Christ,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Remix Days 19,20, and 21

Hey everyone!

Once again its been quite busy over here in my part of the woods. :) I played the piano for the service at church on Sunday morning, we had a lovely family over for Sunday dinner and fellowship, and to end the Sabbath we celebrated as a young woman at our church was baptized! It was a joyful Sabbath and the Lord really showed me lots of new things I needed to learn from the Word as well as relying on Him for our every need. Yes every need! Your fridge will not always be full and you might not always have clothing, I am blessed to have an abundance of both for our family. But I am praying to Him to keep providing both.

I wore a different sweater acutally, the purple on I posted about here-

for Sunday service and I changed into the blouse and sweater below for the evening. I was quite warm in my wool sweater and wanted to change that. Cotton is much better for staying cool! :)

 I did not wear my hair this way and I already had taken my jewlery off that matched outfit! Oh well! I almost forgot to do the photo and these are not that great, but hey! this is real life and this is what I wore. :)
outfit consists of-
Grey flowers blouse-$5.00 at the PX at the army base
Black wool skirt- thrifted for $2.25
pink cardigan- free from a dear friend
cross necklace- gift from my dad

total only $7.25 plus shoes, which were the same ones I wore on day 17. So see that post to see them. :)

Yesterday and today I wore the same outfit. Usually when I am not doing the 30 day challenge remix I wear an outfit 2 days in a row. I decided it would not be a sin to do so for my own convenience this one time. :) My sister and I went to Mt. Vernon yesterday with some friends and it was a great time. I had to dress warm, so I wore my felt hat and wool skirt along with my wool coat. I am not wearing the coat in the pictures, but you can see that in this post-

felt fancy clothe wool hat along with wool crepe and deep blue

Outfit consists of-
Black felt hat- from the etsy shop of FeltFancy
Perwinkle top- J.C. Penney $10.00 last year
Black shrug( new york and company brand)- thrifted for $5.00 a few years ago
Black wool skirt- thrifted for $2.25 same skirt as days 20 and 19
Brown boots- $25.00 6 years ago and still going strong :)

I even shoveled the drive way and side walk this morning in this outfit! :) It was quite warm and it made it more fun to shovel while dressing feminine.

Have a lovely rest of your tuesday everyone! I am catching up on chores and laundry and going to bake this yummy casserole tonight! -

In Christ,

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Remix Days 17 and 18

hey everyone!

Yesterday was quite a busy day in a good way for me! We went about an hour south of us to visit some good friends who we normally don't get to see often. We met them through living history and they are such sweet friends! We always have a lovely and encouraging time when we get together with them.

 I went with my handy purple bag in toe, because it fits everything! My now big camera, knitting project, books, Bible, wallet, notebook, and make-up case. Its a handy bag! I use it for overnight trips too when I don't need a lot of clothing. I bought it at the thrift store near my house a few years ago. I am not sure how much I paid, I am guessing it was $8.00, which is a little over priced. But where I live everything is over-priced at the thrift store. But I could not pass up this beautiful foe-suede bag!

I also wore my favorite bracelet from my mum, which is a fake gold and silver combo! Its so Grecian and I love it! I also wore a necklace that my aunt gave to me for my birthday last year. I had seen that these pearl necklaces with flowers on them were becoming trendy, but I just loved the look of them! So I was so suprised when she sent me one! I would have never bought one as I never get to the mall. But she did not for me! :)

The outfit consists of-
Pearl necklace- gift from my aunt
grecian bracelet- from my mum
yellow dress- made by my sister
black shrug- thrifted $5.00
denim flats- $35.00 two years ago( love these!)
purple 3/4 sleeve top- free!
the grecian bracelet and pearls with flower

details of the bracelet

Todays outfit was definately not planned! Yes I did not get inspiration from my list of combos. I wanted to try and do this turquoise skirt again, because day 10 it was not so great. I was very discouraged that day in many areas and just put on the skirt, not even really putting much effort in trying to style it beautifully. I believe todays outfit is much better! I love the scarf I made many years ago with it! I did not even realize they matched! And I love the white and black combo with the turquoise as well. My favorite boots that I call my pirate boots go great with the rustic buckles and the bohemian rustic look of the skirt.

I had too much fun today doing self timer photos, I sat my camera on top of an old post in our back yard. It works and hears to not doing photos at the last minute at night before bed indoors!
Outfit consists of-
Crocheted scarf- made by me
Black and white necklace-borrowed from my mum
Black tank- traded with my sister
white cardigan- traded with my sister
turquoise skirt- Ross many years ago probably $10.00
heart silver earrings- gift from my aunt
brown suede boots with buckles- bought 6 years ago for $25.00 at Payless(I have gotten so many years out of these boots! I still love them and still get compliments! they never seem to go out of style!)

Oh and guess what I did not go against the rules of the challenge for once! :) I am happy! I believe I am loving the challenge more and more as the days go by! Its fun to use what I have and fun to figure out new outfits I did not realize I had!

have a lovely saturday!

In Christ,

Tea and cranberry oatmeal cookies

On wednesday I treated my family and myself to some scrumcious cookies with the recipe Mia posted on her blog Aspiring Homemaker recently. They are just so delicious! they were a big hit at the mother-daughter Bible study my sister and mother and I attend as well as with my dad and some other lovely friends. Thank you Mia for a lovely recipe! I will be making them again! they were perfect with Earl Grey tea on a cute little vintage tea tray and cup I bought at an estate sale a few summers ago. I watched Downton Abby while indulging in these lovely treats.

The beautiful table cloth underneath the tea tray I thrifted last week as well for $5.00. It was stained and the lady gave it to me for half price! what a nice gesture! now it sits on my dresser to cheer up my room. I have a doily and vintage theme going on in there. Pictures to come soon! Enjoy the rest of your saturday!

In Christ,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Days 15 and 16 Remix

 Hey everyone! Sorry I did not get yesterdays photo up until tonight! I almost did not get around to posting them tonight. We have had get togethers with people both last night and tonight. So its been busy! Tomorrow we will be gone all day with friends. Its fun busy! so thats good! I wore that homemade skirt of mine again yesterday. I got some compliments! glad others believe the plaid with flowers on top is not strange. This fabric is hard to pair with other peices, but I am loving it with black and white.

Outfit consists of-
black half sleeve top-
traded with my sister
white cardigan- traded with my sister
floral burgandy skirt- made by myself
black flats- $4.00 thrift store
wool leggings- $27.00 , ) do not cringe! they are a little expensive! But I have used them almost 2 years now and love them! that ruffle at the bottom is too cute!)
black and white necklace-borrowed from my mom
vintage style hair clip-gift from my mom

total $31.00, more expensive because I counted my leg ware, but these are warm and they are worth it!

And yes another remix busted outfit! :) This is the other wool item I bought! A wool pendleton tartan skirt for only $2.25 at my local thrift store! I was so excited! I am scottish, so wearing tartans comes easy I guess. :)

Outfit consists of-
White cardigan-traded with my sister
Black tank- from my sister
tartan plaid skirt- thrifted $2.25
navy denim flats- off broadway shoe warehouse( I believe $35.00)
cross necklace- gift from my dad
heart earrings-gift from my aunt
total with the shoes a $37.25 outfit, well these shoes are more expensive, but I have used them about 2 years now and love them! great basic flats for any occasion.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I hunger and thirst no more!

Hey everyone! This song is the song of my life really! I remember singing this song on the worship team at church and I truly ment it! I was hungry for the Lord! I felt empty spiritually and I needed the Word of the Lord and the Holy Spirit, but I was not sure how to get it. Then the Lord drew me to His side! Praise the Lord now I hunger and thirst for his living Word, but I realize that I can be satisfied! Psalm 1 is my life verse right now!

Psa 1:1  Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers;
Psa 1:2  but his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night.
Psa 1:3  He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers.
Psa 1:4  The wicked are not so, but are like chaff that the wind drives away.
Psa 1:5  Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous;
Psa 1:6  for the LORD knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish.

I am now a tree planted by the living water and I will never be thirsty again! this really is a blessing! Hope the video and Psalm encourage you today!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 14 Remix busted again!

 Yes I know what you all are thinking! What has she done now that does not correspond with the rules?!! How hard can it be to abide by the rules of the 30 day challenge!??
Well it was really hard this morning to be motivated to get out of my flannel pj's when the only options that were not in the laundry were that teal skirt I wore on day 11 that did not style well and a blue and white dot skirt, and wool cardigan that is drab and grey and a black top among some others that did not appeal to me. These were all in my challenge, but I wanted to wear the pink sweater and black top with a black skirt to pull together the outfit! I just had to try the thrifted wool skirt I bought last thursday! its lovely! I can tell you that because I was cozy in it all day!

Here is the result!
I am in love with the belted look, which I have seen on a lot of other fashion blogs. I have always admired it! But I did not know if I could acheieve it until I tried it. I always loved it at my natural waist, but over a sweater not at the natural waist might be a disaster. But I love the way this turned out! I will be doing it more often. Praise the Lord for $2.00 thrifted belts to add something to a bland outfit. My mother was ecstatic about this outfit this morning! She said its so chic! I said thank you mama! :)
I also added the above photo so you could see my bracelet better. I bought it on a whim when I was 13 or so and never wore it since really until today and another day last week. I thought it would be an annoyance while playing the piano, sewing, studying, baking, and knitting today, but it was not. It did not get in my way really. So it was fun to wear!

This outfit consists of-
Black full wool skirt- @2.25 thrifted
black tank- traded with my sister( we do this often, I give her an item of clothing and she gives me something, we are both total opposite body types and styles, but we tend to have clothing that will not work ourselves, but will on the other. So this is a fun and free way to get new cloths)
black flats(not pictures, I wore them yesterday)-$4.00 thrifted
pink cardigan(loft brand)- free from a friend(thank you Hannah! I miss you and your family so much!)
bracelet- walmart long ago! not sure how much it was, probably $5.00
cross necklace- gift from my dad when we visited the Vatican in Rome
black belt( new york and company brand!)- $2.00 thrifted

total $12.25, I believe thats even cheaper than most of my other outfits! woohoo! I love thrifted and free stuff. :)
Have a lovely rest of your evening ladies and gents! today was a great day! I was able to get in lots of studying, baked some cookies using Mia's recipe here-, and I was able to practice piano and voice and watch a movie with my sister, as well as talk lots with her while Mom and dad went on their valentines date. A great day!

I was chewing on and pondering this verse today- " have nothing to do with irreverent, silly myths. Rather train yourselves for godliness; for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present, as well as the life to come." -1 Timothy 4:7-8

Are you pursuing godliness or are you perusing irreverent and silly myths that are not worth pursuing because they are not godly! I realized that I was, instead of the Lord, I was following after a silly thing called worry. Worry is really a dangerous thing, because then we are doubting God's power when we say oh how will this ever become better, I can't do this! Praise God He is bigger than our worry!

In Christ,

Monday, February 14, 2011

Remix Days 12 and 13

 Hey everyone! Yes I put the wrong on day on these two photos! These are todays photos and yesterday was day 12! but oh well! Yesterday I wore the same outfit I wore over here-

Yes I love the outfit too much not to wear it again! :) I also added a fun neclace that I will be wearing again to show you all soon and I wore the blac shoes I am wearing in todays photos to dress it up, not my brown shoes in that day 9 post.
Todays outfit consists of-

Craberry and khaki plaid skirt- made by me in january! ( by the way I drafted the skirt using this skirt in this remix post as a pattern!!! don't tell!

Black ballet shoes- $4.00 thrifted

Black sweater- $5.00 thrifted

grey ruffles top- $5.00 army base store

Black chunky beads necklace- gift from my parents

hair combs- gift from my parents

earrrings- gift from an old friend

this outfit totals to only $14.00 dollars! woohoo, I love thrifting and sewing my own clothing! :) Its a lot more fun that way I believe!

I must confess when I came up with this outfit in my head yesterday evening I was not sure it would work! I thought black and khaki plaid with burgundy floral and a chunky beaded necklace and a belt and a top with ruffles seems too much! But then it just happened and it came out better than I expected. Praise God for creativity and a sewing machine. This skirt is quite hard to style! But I am going to try and wear it even more than just one time in the challenge. Its so fun to wear!
Have a lovely rest of your evening ladies! I am tired because I actually got up early to make my dad breakfast! 7am, well that's not that early for lots of you I am sure, but it is for me. ;)

Oh and thank you Katy sue and others who prayed for my playing the piano for the church service yesterday! It went so well! Praise the Lord He moved my fingers into the right positions to play through the whole thing with very little amount of mistakes and nervous sweaty hands! praise the Lord! I was able to worship and play at the same time. love that! God is so good! He is a great and amazing God! He can do anything! Nothing is impossible for Him, which is such a great comfort to me!
In Christ,

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Remix Days 10 and 11

Hey everyone!

I realize I did not post my outfit yesterday, well it was quite a busy day and I almost forgot to get a photo, but I did before getting into my pj's for bed. So I am looking a little frazzled, but thats alright. This is reality! I am not always put together. :)

 Outfit consists of-
Wool cardigan with beading(vintage/thrifted)- $5.00
Turquoise skirt(Ross)- $10.00 6 years ago!
Purple long sleeve top(target)- free!
Yes I could not believe it when I found this 100% wool angora cardigan at the Goodwill in PA! It was in the clearance bins and I had to dig, but I found it and have worn it manys winters since. I believe it was about 3 years ago I found it. The beading is beautiful and all intact! I am not sure when its from, but I really do feel its vintage!

The shirt was free from a garage sale I helped with at my church and the skirt I bought at Ross many years ago and I love wearing it now! I remember being 16 and hating it! How could you hate a bohemian beautiful flowing skirt I ask?! Well I did not like it because I thought it made me look fat, but now I love it. It has beautiful embroidery at the bottom and it was warm with my wool leggings and two pairs of socks. This is a summer/spring skirt, but I could not resist adding it into the challenge.

Today I wore a top I have not shown on this blog before. Its a button down white puffed sleeve blouse my mother bought for me at a thrift shop. I was delighted to find it on my bed one day when I came home from a friends house! It fits perfectly and goes with so many of my clothing that is already in my closet. I thought this would be a perfect top with this plaid skirt, which I have already worn, but I just love it! Bethany my sister says I look as if I was Susan from the Narnia movies! In the new one the Voyage of the dawn treader and the first movie she wears a lot of plaid skirts. This skirt is vintage, but I am not sure when its from, but I believe it does resemble the 40's! :) I was love the 1940's plaid skirts.

The outfit consists of-

Plaid raindow skirt(vintage)- gift from my parents from etsy from the seller named dalatlanta.
White puffed sleeve blouse( thrifted)- gift from my mom(thrifted)
black sweater- army base $12.00 I believe
black belt(thrifted)- $2.00
So this outfit totals $14.00! I love frugal outfits that are practical and feminine!

Oh and just a tip about thrifted belts, mine was beat up and the black paint chipping off of it, but it was a great belt, so I used perminant marker to fix it up. Now its as if it was brand new! love it! :)

God bless and I pray you all have a lovely Sabbath tomorrow! I am playing the piano once again for our worship service, I am nervous, but I know the Lord will guide my fingers and calm my nerves as He always does!

In Christ,

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Sunshine and Posy post holders!

So these pot holders in are in the etsy store! They are happy and quite cheery in this winter weather and cold!
Head over to the store to see them in full detail! I was inspired by vintage quilts I saw at the antique store to do this patch work pattern. So they are vintage inspired and made with vintage fabrics as well!

Have a lovely friday!

In Christ,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Remix busted Day 9

Hey everyone!

So yes I thought I could do it, but I totally busted my remix! My mother wanted to go to the thrift store and naturally I wanted to go with her and I found some lovely cloths! Yes I bought 3 more pieces to add to my winter wardrobe. They were pieces that I have wanted for a long time, not necessarily needs, but that's alright. I loved wearing my feminine outfit to the thrift store and getting so many stares! Its weird how feminine clothing is really unheard of it seems here in the metropolitan area! So many gals in pj's and jeans! I was reading Vintage Vixen the other day and I agree with her that people should respect themselves and others, but I would add there is more to dressing in a nice way, you are respecting your body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit if you are a believer in Christ Jesus. So ladies its more than just being pretty and sharing with the world that you want to dress as a lady should, you are covering the temple of the Holy Spirit, which is so precious in Gods sight! So I just wanted to say that I believe dressing nicely, modestly, and in a feminine way is not just about us ladies and our great sense of style! Its about reflecting the Father's love and Spirit in us.

But I came home and changed into my jeans and new dress to see how it fit! I love the dress, I don't wear jeans without covering my rear end. So this was a great winter outfit option so I can wear pants and still be modest. Without further or do here is the new burgandy dress I got at the store. I have wanted a burgandy sweater dress for a while now and this one fit the bill at only $4.00. And yes I did change into my remixed outfit after trying it out. So I guess you could say that I am still going to do the remix anyway, I just had to try this new item out. So aside from buying clothing, I still have done the remix challenge with the rules intact.

 So I had too much fun with the effects on photo shop! :) I love playing with the contrast. That way the red stood out on the dress better.

And of course my favorite remixed outfit yet! I love this outfit because of the great winter colors in it. I am in love with perwinkle top with the black jacket and grey long skirt! Its the perfect color template! I just love this combo.
Outfit consists of-
perwinkle shirt-$12.00
Grey skirt- $25.00
Black jacket- $10.00
sketchers brown shoes- gift from friends
cross necklace- gift from my aunt 

Alright a more expensive outfit, but hey these cloths were really nice and on sale last fall. I used my birthday money and I use them tons! So this is the first outfit I have worn that was not thrifted at all! so strange or sewn at all by yours truly! Tomorrow I am gonna change that. 

So all in all yes I am still doing the challenge, I just got distracted from a really fun thrift store run with my mom! I will post more of my finds later. Hint hint, wool crepe and wool tartan from Scotland coming!

In Christ,

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Hey everyone!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Remix Day 8

 Hey everyone!

Alright I must confess that I am starting to get tired of this remix! I want variety in my wardrobe and I chose way too many boring colors for the clothing for the remix! Too many greys and other neutrals and not enough color! So I am deprived, but I will try and not feel deprived. So many other bloggers are saying they do not see this 30x30 challenge as fun, it was fun for me the first 7 days and now I am dragging. Hopefully tomorrow I will become inspired again to press on!

But I do have the consolation that I did figure out some awesome outfits on paper. But I just so happened to deviate from that today and I am not happy with todays outfit decision. Its unflattering colors and the top I believe it unflattering. I love this top with a longer skirts or jeans much better. Unfortunately I did not put a pair of jeans in my challenge! I am going to try this top with my plaid long skirt later in the challenge. I do love the top! I just am not loving it right now with this skirt. :(

The outfit consists of-
Pink cardigan- free from a dear friend
Grey floral top- $12.00 I believe from the store on the army base after christmas
jean skirt- made by yours truly
stripe socks- gift from my mother
crocheted white scarf- gift from a friend
red scrunchie with beads around my hair bun- somewhere when I was a child! So practically free

Total for this outfit $13.00! I love inexpensive outfits!

But then I am editing the photos and I believe the cardigan is just not good with this top and skirt. So without the sweater is good I think.I am starting to love this outfit after editing the photos again! I see why I loved it this morning and now I don't understand why I hated it! Man of man! Do I change my mind!

Well have a lovely evening everyone and sorry for the rant!

In Christ,

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Remix Day 7

Hey everyone!

I decided to get good pictures during the day time today as the lighting in my room is much better. I don't want to venture outside because its really not so pretty out there. Bare trees and melting snow is not my idea of a great photo shoot. So indoors will have to suffice for a while until the weather gets better. 

Oh and I confession about my natural hair care journey! I was so tempted to use shampoo from the store last night to wash my hair, as its gotten a little bit greasier than it used to be. But I washed it with my good old baking soda and white mixture and then that grease was gone. I had not washed it for 4 days, so that must have been why it was greasy.I rinsed with apple cider vinegar and that helped too to condition it. So all these photos my hair is being washed with product from the store with all those chemicals. So my new readers just so you know I am a crazy natural hair care nerd! :) You can check out exactly the methods I use in my hair care tags on the side bar.

 I thought I did a pretty good job with the self timer. I also used the self timer yesterday for that photo. Its been fun using different settings as well to distort and put different effects into my photos. I feel as if I am a true modest fashion blogger. :)

Todays outfit consists of-

Jean skirt -made by yours truly
Grey 3/4 sleeve ruffle top- $12.00 BJ's(yes its from the warehouse!)
Gold locket- from my grandmother
Rainbow bracelete- $5.00 walmart
grey winter socks- christmas gift from my mom

I wore the grey top with my yellow dress day 1 and here it is again. This outfit is quite boring color wise, but I love it anyway. Its a simple outfit for a day at home, reading, studying, practicing piano, cleaning, and knitting up a storm.I am almost finished with a new scarf that will debu hopefully by the end of the week.  

Have a great rest of your tuesday!
In Christ,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Remix day 6

Hey everyone!

Its been a happy day for me, I have gotten lots done and am striving to get more school done tonight and practice piano for the service at my church Sunday. So much to do! I posted more items on my etsy store as well this morning. So do have a look at the new items in the store if you have a chance!

Todays outfit

yellow pull over sweater- free
Plaid rainbow wool skirt-gift from my parents
black flats- $4.00 thrift store find
locket- from my grandmother
white tank- kohls many years ago, not sure on the price, but I use it often. :) 

I was not really excited about the remix today as I wanted to stay in bed, but I was spurred on by my college plus coach to get things done. So it motivated me to get dressed and get on with my day! I must confess I changed into pj pants for half of the day and then changed back into my skirt in time for dinner. It was just that type of day when I had to be comfortable while studying. I also am sewing up some new goodies for the etsy shop coming soon! I was inspired when we went antique window shopping by some old quilts on saturday. So 1930's quilted inspired items coming soon!

Have a lovely rest of your monday evening! I am off to be productive in the piano forte and history area of my life!

In Christ,
Hey everyone!

Its been a happy day for me, I have gotten lots done and am striving to get more school done tonight and practice piano for the service at my church Sunday. So much to do! I posted more items on my etsy store as well this morning. So do have a loo

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Remix Day 3, 4 , and 5

Hey everyone!

My family just arrived home from our lovely trip to Williamsburg this evening. I am so glad we were able to go and visit with so many other living historians and see how they did their impressions of history. We were able to glean so much information and were inspired!

Here are my outfits for the 3 days we were there, Friday, saturday, and today. I was not able to do a photo on friday unfortunately! That was the day we went antique shopping or window shopping and I wore the yellow dress with the vintage lace I sewed on in day 1 of the remix with the same grey top underneath and the black cardigan I am wearing today on day 5. Sorry forgot to get a photo. But here is friday and todays remix outfits.
The first day we went to williamsburg we were able to go to colonial williamsburg and see their museum that had historical clothing. Many antique peices that were wonderful to see! Clothing, weapons, and even 2 harpsichords. I am standing next to one of the harpsichords. I wore a purple top that day with a crocheted white scarf from a friend and the plaid skirt I made recently.The next day I wore the yellow dress again, but forgot to get a picture.

Today I wore the plaid skirt again with my favorite periwinkle top with the black thrifted shrug I bought 2 years ago for 4 dollars or something like that. Its a favorite! It goes with so many things and I have been using this challenge. I also wore it day 3 and 4 as well. Its so versitale! I also wore the pashmina indian shawl as a scarf again today. Its so versitale as well! It was only 12 dollars from a friend. I use it for civil war and 1812(regency) reenacting as well.

I also used the bag that Ashley made for me over at Bramblewood fashion! Go and read her blog! She has great modest fashion ideas over there! So does her sister Gabrielle! Here is their blog-

Ashley I love the bag and I use it so much! It was great for all my food, camera, and notepad and pen to jot down things I discovered and for my Bible as well when I had a chance to read it while we sat on a bench. It was truly a relaxing and refreshing vacation. Now I am challenged to start new with a schedule and many goals. More about that to come!

Well I hope you all had a lovely weekend as well! Tomorrow I will do a seperate post with pictures from our trip to Williamsburg!

God bless!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Remix day 2

Hey everyone! My family made it to our vacation in Williamsburg and we are loving the time off this week! My 2nd outfit is a plaid skirt I sewed up last week. I am loving it so far! It goes with so many things that I already own that I will use in the challenge. I also wore my favorite pashmina wool scarf which was a gift from my mother and is from india. 

The wool sweater is thrifted and is from one of my favorite stores that I would buy clothing from if I had tons of money, H&M. Its 100% wool and really warm! great and its one of my favorite colors, purple! awesome! Well have a lovely rest of your thursday evening and God bless! More remixed outfits coming tomorrow.

In Christ,

Day 2 of the challenge and my oufits

I did 9 tops since I wear a lot of tops and I onlky do laundry every 7 days. It will be easier to have more than 7 available.

I have 7 bottoms to choose from as I love different options and yes I still put a homemade jean one in there! Then I put the two plaid ones I made in there as I have not worn them yet until today! I will be wearing the brown and black plaid one today. I also made the red floral with brown plaid underneath the flowers one.The big plaid one that is rainbow was a vintage gift from my parents for Christmas from etsy. The teal one was from Ross almost 6 years ago and I still love it! The grey solid one is from J.C. Penny and it was $25 dollars this past fall. I love it!
 So I found the source for this challenge! this lovely blog-

Apparently the 30 day challenge's people that do it are called remixers! love it! So I am not a remixer! hehe
The yellow dress and yes that skirt I was trying to sell! I am going to try it out for this challenge. I already have a lot of ideas for it! :)
7 sweaters! I love my sweaters and I could not do without a whole bunch of them. :)
And I was going to only do my pair of boots and a black pair of flats, but I thought more options would be great since we are going on vacation my sketchers will come in handy for all that walking. So 5 pairs it is of my shoes!

Have a lovely day and I will post pictures of todays outfit later in another post.
In Christ,