Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Remix Day 8

 Hey everyone!

Alright I must confess that I am starting to get tired of this remix! I want variety in my wardrobe and I chose way too many boring colors for the clothing for the remix! Too many greys and other neutrals and not enough color! So I am deprived, but I will try and not feel deprived. So many other bloggers are saying they do not see this 30x30 challenge as fun, it was fun for me the first 7 days and now I am dragging. Hopefully tomorrow I will become inspired again to press on!

But I do have the consolation that I did figure out some awesome outfits on paper. But I just so happened to deviate from that today and I am not happy with todays outfit decision. Its unflattering colors and the top I believe it unflattering. I love this top with a longer skirts or jeans much better. Unfortunately I did not put a pair of jeans in my challenge! I am going to try this top with my plaid long skirt later in the challenge. I do love the top! I just am not loving it right now with this skirt. :(

The outfit consists of-
Pink cardigan- free from a dear friend
Grey floral top- $12.00 I believe from the store on the army base after christmas
jean skirt- made by yours truly
stripe socks- gift from my mother
crocheted white scarf- gift from a friend
red scrunchie with beads around my hair bun- somewhere when I was a child! So practically free

Total for this outfit $13.00! I love inexpensive outfits!

But then I am editing the photos and I believe the cardigan is just not good with this top and skirt. So without the sweater is good I think.I am starting to love this outfit after editing the photos again! I see why I loved it this morning and now I don't understand why I hated it! Man of man! Do I change my mind!

Well have a lovely evening everyone and sorry for the rant!

In Christ,


Miss Virginia said...

*points* CUTE KITTY! lol, anyway...I love the blouse! It's gorgeous and those flowers are so pretty! I like your style. :)


KatySue Pillsbury said...

That is a great top! Hmm, most of the time I have to opposite problem, I love an outfit at the beginning of the day but by the end I can't wait to take it off!