Thursday, February 10, 2011

Remix busted Day 9

Hey everyone!

So yes I thought I could do it, but I totally busted my remix! My mother wanted to go to the thrift store and naturally I wanted to go with her and I found some lovely cloths! Yes I bought 3 more pieces to add to my winter wardrobe. They were pieces that I have wanted for a long time, not necessarily needs, but that's alright. I loved wearing my feminine outfit to the thrift store and getting so many stares! Its weird how feminine clothing is really unheard of it seems here in the metropolitan area! So many gals in pj's and jeans! I was reading Vintage Vixen the other day and I agree with her that people should respect themselves and others, but I would add there is more to dressing in a nice way, you are respecting your body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit if you are a believer in Christ Jesus. So ladies its more than just being pretty and sharing with the world that you want to dress as a lady should, you are covering the temple of the Holy Spirit, which is so precious in Gods sight! So I just wanted to say that I believe dressing nicely, modestly, and in a feminine way is not just about us ladies and our great sense of style! Its about reflecting the Father's love and Spirit in us.

But I came home and changed into my jeans and new dress to see how it fit! I love the dress, I don't wear jeans without covering my rear end. So this was a great winter outfit option so I can wear pants and still be modest. Without further or do here is the new burgandy dress I got at the store. I have wanted a burgandy sweater dress for a while now and this one fit the bill at only $4.00. And yes I did change into my remixed outfit after trying it out. So I guess you could say that I am still going to do the remix anyway, I just had to try this new item out. So aside from buying clothing, I still have done the remix challenge with the rules intact.

 So I had too much fun with the effects on photo shop! :) I love playing with the contrast. That way the red stood out on the dress better.

And of course my favorite remixed outfit yet! I love this outfit because of the great winter colors in it. I am in love with perwinkle top with the black jacket and grey long skirt! Its the perfect color template! I just love this combo.
Outfit consists of-
perwinkle shirt-$12.00
Grey skirt- $25.00
Black jacket- $10.00
sketchers brown shoes- gift from friends
cross necklace- gift from my aunt 

Alright a more expensive outfit, but hey these cloths were really nice and on sale last fall. I used my birthday money and I use them tons! So this is the first outfit I have worn that was not thrifted at all! so strange or sewn at all by yours truly! Tomorrow I am gonna change that. 

So all in all yes I am still doing the challenge, I just got distracted from a really fun thrift store run with my mom! I will post more of my finds later. Hint hint, wool crepe and wool tartan from Scotland coming!

In Christ,


Miss Virginia said...

I *love* the thrift store!!! That sweater dress is GORGEOUS and only $4!! That's a steal!

I love your outfit for today too, it's very cute. :)


KatySue Pillsbury said...

I love both outfits!! That red dress and grey skirt are lovely!=)

Vicki said...

Beautiful! I especially like your second outfit, with the purple top -- very neat and feminine! :-D

Love in Christ,

Ashleigh said...

I really like this post! It's so true that dressing feminine is more than looking pretty. When we go out in public, we are representing Christ.

I love the dress over jeans!! Infact, I've been on the hunt for dresses to wear over jeans. I feel so much more comfortable wearing something that covers me when wearing jeans.

God bless,

SinginginHisName said...

thank you ladies for your refreshing encouragement! I was so down yesterday, feeling as if I was not doing the right thing in doing my music degree and staying at home, etc. But the Lord spoke to me, Rebecca I have set you apart and you are not be like everyone else and I can get you through this storm and trial. So ladies it really encouraged me to see your comments when I came to my computer later in the day!

Ashleigh I second that I really don't feel comfortable at all without covering up in jeans, so shorter dresses are great! I have two others besides this sweater dress that are more summer dresses, so its great to have a winter/fall one now! Thrift stores are great for finding dresses that are too short to wear by themselves, but can work with jeans!

In Christ,