Saturday, February 19, 2011

Remix Days 17 and 18

hey everyone!

Yesterday was quite a busy day in a good way for me! We went about an hour south of us to visit some good friends who we normally don't get to see often. We met them through living history and they are such sweet friends! We always have a lovely and encouraging time when we get together with them.

 I went with my handy purple bag in toe, because it fits everything! My now big camera, knitting project, books, Bible, wallet, notebook, and make-up case. Its a handy bag! I use it for overnight trips too when I don't need a lot of clothing. I bought it at the thrift store near my house a few years ago. I am not sure how much I paid, I am guessing it was $8.00, which is a little over priced. But where I live everything is over-priced at the thrift store. But I could not pass up this beautiful foe-suede bag!

I also wore my favorite bracelet from my mum, which is a fake gold and silver combo! Its so Grecian and I love it! I also wore a necklace that my aunt gave to me for my birthday last year. I had seen that these pearl necklaces with flowers on them were becoming trendy, but I just loved the look of them! So I was so suprised when she sent me one! I would have never bought one as I never get to the mall. But she did not for me! :)

The outfit consists of-
Pearl necklace- gift from my aunt
grecian bracelet- from my mum
yellow dress- made by my sister
black shrug- thrifted $5.00
denim flats- $35.00 two years ago( love these!)
purple 3/4 sleeve top- free!
the grecian bracelet and pearls with flower

details of the bracelet

Todays outfit was definately not planned! Yes I did not get inspiration from my list of combos. I wanted to try and do this turquoise skirt again, because day 10 it was not so great. I was very discouraged that day in many areas and just put on the skirt, not even really putting much effort in trying to style it beautifully. I believe todays outfit is much better! I love the scarf I made many years ago with it! I did not even realize they matched! And I love the white and black combo with the turquoise as well. My favorite boots that I call my pirate boots go great with the rustic buckles and the bohemian rustic look of the skirt.

I had too much fun today doing self timer photos, I sat my camera on top of an old post in our back yard. It works and hears to not doing photos at the last minute at night before bed indoors!
Outfit consists of-
Crocheted scarf- made by me
Black and white necklace-borrowed from my mum
Black tank- traded with my sister
white cardigan- traded with my sister
turquoise skirt- Ross many years ago probably $10.00
heart silver earrings- gift from my aunt
brown suede boots with buckles- bought 6 years ago for $25.00 at Payless(I have gotten so many years out of these boots! I still love them and still get compliments! they never seem to go out of style!)

Oh and guess what I did not go against the rules of the challenge for once! :) I am happy! I believe I am loving the challenge more and more as the days go by! Its fun to use what I have and fun to figure out new outfits I did not realize I had!

have a lovely saturday!

In Christ,


Anonymous said...

The second outfit reminds me of the Washington State "style" that I've seen so often from the young ladies who have come here from there. I love what you did with the scarf. What sort of yarn was it made from?


KatySue Pillsbury said...

I looove the second outfit, you look absolutely gorgeous in that last picture!

Ashleigh said...

What a pretty green skirt! Green is my favorite color. The skirt goes really well with your brown boots!

Miss Linda said...

I love the turquoise skirt, and the purple tote bag. You really do combine outfits beautifully!

SinginginHisName said...

thank you everyone! Yes it seems that pictures outside are so much more appealing than indoor photos! my outfits do look better in outdoor lighting!