Friday, February 25, 2011

Remix days 23 and 24

 Yes another day where I did not get a chance to do a photo outside. They are so much better outside, but I love the above photo in that photo shopped old photo color field! I wore a top I forgot was in my remixed items! it was put on the other side of the closet, not in the remix section, so I am glad I remembered that I had not worn my favorite purple wrap top yet! Its my favorite! I wore it for my grad photos.

 I also wore my favorite grey skirt and favorite sweater and I was set yesterday to do errands with my mom, get school done, practice piano and voice for 2 hours, and do a lot of fun cooking in my cast iron skillets! it was a great day!

The outfit consists of-
Black shrug-thrifted for $5.00
grey skirt- JC Penny $25.00
purple top- Ross $7.00
grey pashmina scarf- $10.00 Bath,England
Swirl silver earrings-$5.00 walmart

This outfit was more expensive, but these items are a lot of basics, total was $52.00! woo! expensive, but peices worth the cost. I have worn most of them over 3 years. :) still going strong!
I was not sure about this skirt for the longest time! I received it from a friend for free, but it was hard to find items that went with it! But now I have figured it out. :) Grey ruffles top and white sweater with brown shoes and tights is a great combo and my blue necklace from a friend set it off! I was happy today. :)

Outfit consists of-
Brown suede flats- gift from my parents for my England trip 2 years ago
polka dot blue skirt- free from a friend
white cardigan- swapped with my sister
grey ruffles top- $5.00 PX on the army base
brown tights-$8.00 target

have a lovely rest of your friday and I can't wait to show you all my new glasses in a few weeks! I picked them out today! I do look scholarly according to my sister and chic according to my mom. Hopefully a good sign that they will not be too out there! :)

In Christ,
Rebecca Ann
blue necklace- gift from a friend

total- $13.00! That was a great outfit! lots of free stuff! very economical for my budget! :)


Miss Virginia said...

That purple top with the jacket really "suits" you. ;) I can't wait to see your glasses!

I'm glad you had a productive day also, I have been in a funk the past few weeks but am slowly coming out of it.


KatySue Pillsbury said...

Another great set of outfits!

Miss Linda said...

Oooo, I LOVE that purple wrap top!! I just love your gray skirt too. Gray skirts (or gray material to make gray skirts) seems to be hard to find. It just so happens that gray and purple is a favorite color combination of mine. I love the flats too.

I really appreciate the way you put outfits together. It's something I like to do too--I like diving into my closet and matching skirts and tops, scarves, blouses, accessories and shoes and coming up with a whole new outfit. Some of your combinations have inspired me in my own wardrobe! :)

You look very feminine, modest, and very much like a godly young woman.

Can't wait to see your new glasses! I desperately need to buy some new glasses myself. I like the looks of some of the Laura Ashley frames. A girl can't go wrong with Laura Ashley, can she?

SinginginHisName said...

thanks gals! Yes I do love purple! I have 2 tops that are purple and I wear them a lot!

Miss Linda yes I just love putting outfits together! I am trying not be too vain about it though and quickly choose each morning what I will wear. Doing this challenge its been easier to choose what to wear faster because I only can use 30 items. :) thats a good thing I guess!

Oh Laura Ashley! Yes I would love to have anything Laura Ashley! My glasses I believe are the vogue brand. :) In two weeks I will debut them. I also love Grey skirts too and I jumped at the chance to have one when I saw this one! they are hard to find, surprisingly!

In Christ,

Rubies Like Ruth said...

It is encouraging to see other young ladies dressing modestly!!!

Shey said...

Hi! I love your skirt, it's very pretty and also the scarf, I totally understand not finishing the challenge, hey at least you were close, I quit after 3 days hehe but like you said it does take a lot of time to post daily and it kind of starts feeling like a chore, I like it better when I post because I want to and not because I have to. I hope you have a joyful time with your family. God bless you. =)