Monday, February 14, 2011

Remix Days 12 and 13

 Hey everyone! Yes I put the wrong on day on these two photos! These are todays photos and yesterday was day 12! but oh well! Yesterday I wore the same outfit I wore over here-

Yes I love the outfit too much not to wear it again! :) I also added a fun neclace that I will be wearing again to show you all soon and I wore the blac shoes I am wearing in todays photos to dress it up, not my brown shoes in that day 9 post.
Todays outfit consists of-

Craberry and khaki plaid skirt- made by me in january! ( by the way I drafted the skirt using this skirt in this remix post as a pattern!!! don't tell!

Black ballet shoes- $4.00 thrifted

Black sweater- $5.00 thrifted

grey ruffles top- $5.00 army base store

Black chunky beads necklace- gift from my parents

hair combs- gift from my parents

earrrings- gift from an old friend

this outfit totals to only $14.00 dollars! woohoo, I love thrifting and sewing my own clothing! :) Its a lot more fun that way I believe!

I must confess when I came up with this outfit in my head yesterday evening I was not sure it would work! I thought black and khaki plaid with burgundy floral and a chunky beaded necklace and a belt and a top with ruffles seems too much! But then it just happened and it came out better than I expected. Praise God for creativity and a sewing machine. This skirt is quite hard to style! But I am going to try and wear it even more than just one time in the challenge. Its so fun to wear!
Have a lovely rest of your evening ladies! I am tired because I actually got up early to make my dad breakfast! 7am, well that's not that early for lots of you I am sure, but it is for me. ;)

Oh and thank you Katy sue and others who prayed for my playing the piano for the church service yesterday! It went so well! Praise the Lord He moved my fingers into the right positions to play through the whole thing with very little amount of mistakes and nervous sweaty hands! praise the Lord! I was able to worship and play at the same time. love that! God is so good! He is a great and amazing God! He can do anything! Nothing is impossible for Him, which is such a great comfort to me!
In Christ,


KatySue Pillsbury said...

I'm so glad your playing went well, Gad is amazing!
I love that skirt and can't wait to see how you style it in the future!

Miss Virginia said...

Becca I LOVE that outfit! So cute and chic! I adore that skirt, you did a wonderful job! That whole silhouette is very flattering on you. :)

"Praise God for creativity and a sewing machine." lol May I quote you? That is Truth! haha.

and 7am is waaay early for me too, I usually don't get up until 8:30--9:00. :P

I'm so glad you were able to play the piano in church! I never play in public, because when I get nervous my hands shake and then I mess up. :P It's a lot harder for me to play the piano in public than it is to dance or sing. I'm glad you can, anyhow. :)


Miss Linda said...

I have not been leaving a comment on every outfit but I have enjoyed seeing what you put together. I'm a big "mix and match" person, too. I LOVE the ruffles on your top. And I too praise God for my sewing machine! :)

The outfit is tres chic, I just love that skirt. You look very modest and decidedly feminine!

Anonymous said...

oh wow... I just noticed this outfit in my feed reader, and I have to say it's very cute! :D I love the colors and the print on the skirt is lovely... you look really good in this outfit! :D

Katie said...

Love the outfit, especially the skirt!

SinginginHisName said...

All your encouragement ladies and gents is amazing! I never thought the Lord would give me such a wide range of readers!

thank you to all of you for your kind words! I love this skirt too and I felt grown up wearing it, alright I am almost 20 and then I will be grown up! Its scary! I never thought I would be that old and I still don't feel it, but now that I have my own bank account, am driving, have my own business, playing at my church, etc. I have felt the years! Its funny how your wardrobe can express that! I try to dress as if I was 20, but sometimes it does not happen. :)

Anyway Ginny yes I am not an early riser as I used to be, but I am trying to mend that too! Oh and you can quote me! :) I am glad so many agree that we should praise the Lord for creativity and sewing machines. ;)

Oh and katie I am so glad you found my blog! glad to have a new reader!

In Christ,

Melanie said...

Oh--and this is too!! Beautiful!! :)