Thursday, February 17, 2011

Days 15 and 16 Remix

 Hey everyone! Sorry I did not get yesterdays photo up until tonight! I almost did not get around to posting them tonight. We have had get togethers with people both last night and tonight. So its been busy! Tomorrow we will be gone all day with friends. Its fun busy! so thats good! I wore that homemade skirt of mine again yesterday. I got some compliments! glad others believe the plaid with flowers on top is not strange. This fabric is hard to pair with other peices, but I am loving it with black and white.

Outfit consists of-
black half sleeve top-
traded with my sister
white cardigan- traded with my sister
floral burgandy skirt- made by myself
black flats- $4.00 thrift store
wool leggings- $27.00 , ) do not cringe! they are a little expensive! But I have used them almost 2 years now and love them! that ruffle at the bottom is too cute!)
black and white necklace-borrowed from my mom
vintage style hair clip-gift from my mom

total $31.00, more expensive because I counted my leg ware, but these are warm and they are worth it!

And yes another remix busted outfit! :) This is the other wool item I bought! A wool pendleton tartan skirt for only $2.25 at my local thrift store! I was so excited! I am scottish, so wearing tartans comes easy I guess. :)

Outfit consists of-
White cardigan-traded with my sister
Black tank- from my sister
tartan plaid skirt- thrifted $2.25
navy denim flats- off broadway shoe warehouse( I believe $35.00)
cross necklace- gift from my dad
heart earrings-gift from my aunt
total with the shoes a $37.25 outfit, well these shoes are more expensive, but I have used them about 2 years now and love them! great basic flats for any occasion.


Miss Linda said...

I really love the belted cardigan look. I am getting some real inspiration from your wardrobe mixing, and I'm impressed you are keeping up with it. While most of my clothing is made from fabric I was either given or purchased on sale or with coupons, I do have a few things that were a bit more expensive. Like your lovely ruffled leggings, these more expensive items are used over and over again and I anticipate wearing them for years. Being thrifty in certain areas allows us to take advantage of quality items that we know will benefit us.

Your outings sound like fun, and I hope you have a wonderful time of fellowship this weekend! :)

KatySue Pillsbury said...

You have such cute skirts and a wonderful sense of style!=)