Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 14 Remix busted again!

 Yes I know what you all are thinking! What has she done now that does not correspond with the rules?!! How hard can it be to abide by the rules of the 30 day challenge!??
Well it was really hard this morning to be motivated to get out of my flannel pj's when the only options that were not in the laundry were that teal skirt I wore on day 11 that did not style well and a blue and white dot skirt, and wool cardigan that is drab and grey and a black top among some others that did not appeal to me. These were all in my challenge, but I wanted to wear the pink sweater and black top with a black skirt to pull together the outfit! I just had to try the thrifted wool skirt I bought last thursday! its lovely! I can tell you that because I was cozy in it all day!

Here is the result!
I am in love with the belted look, which I have seen on a lot of other fashion blogs. I have always admired it! But I did not know if I could acheieve it until I tried it. I always loved it at my natural waist, but over a sweater not at the natural waist might be a disaster. But I love the way this turned out! I will be doing it more often. Praise the Lord for $2.00 thrifted belts to add something to a bland outfit. My mother was ecstatic about this outfit this morning! She said its so chic! I said thank you mama! :)
I also added the above photo so you could see my bracelet better. I bought it on a whim when I was 13 or so and never wore it since really until today and another day last week. I thought it would be an annoyance while playing the piano, sewing, studying, baking, and knitting today, but it was not. It did not get in my way really. So it was fun to wear!

This outfit consists of-
Black full wool skirt- @2.25 thrifted
black tank- traded with my sister( we do this often, I give her an item of clothing and she gives me something, we are both total opposite body types and styles, but we tend to have clothing that will not work ourselves, but will on the other. So this is a fun and free way to get new cloths)
black flats(not pictures, I wore them yesterday)-$4.00 thrifted
pink cardigan(loft brand)- free from a friend(thank you Hannah! I miss you and your family so much!)
bracelet- walmart long ago! not sure how much it was, probably $5.00
cross necklace- gift from my dad when we visited the Vatican in Rome
black belt( new york and company brand!)- $2.00 thrifted

total $12.25, I believe thats even cheaper than most of my other outfits! woohoo! I love thrifted and free stuff. :)
Have a lovely rest of your evening ladies and gents! today was a great day! I was able to get in lots of studying, baked some cookies using Mia's recipe here-http://aspiring-homemaker.blogspot.com/, and I was able to practice piano and voice and watch a movie with my sister, as well as talk lots with her while Mom and dad went on their valentines date. A great day!

I was chewing on and pondering this verse today- " have nothing to do with irreverent, silly myths. Rather train yourselves for godliness; for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present, as well as the life to come." -1 Timothy 4:7-8

Are you pursuing godliness or are you perusing irreverent and silly myths that are not worth pursuing because they are not godly! I realized that I was, instead of the Lord, I was following after a silly thing called worry. Worry is really a dangerous thing, because then we are doubting God's power when we say oh how will this ever become better, I can't do this! Praise God He is bigger than our worry!

In Christ,


Angel said...

Hi Rebecca!

That is such a cute outfit! The black and the pink look so pretty together. :)

Have a wonderful evening!

Miss Linda said...

I agree with your mother, that is a very chic outfit. I haven't thought of belting a sweater but just might try it after seeing how nice yours looks. I also realize that I NEED a pretty, pale pink sweater to wear with a black skirt and top. So lovely, feminine and modest!

I also appreciate so very much the verse you shared. It puts me in mind of many of the silly myths that seem to have become obsessions in popular culture recently. I am thinking in particular of books like the Harry Potter and Twilight series. They are marketed specifically toward young people who are impressionable and easily led away by what appears to be harmless stories. But the verse you shared commands us to "have nothing to do" with them.

Thank you for sharing your very lovely outfit and giving me some inspiration for my own wardrobe, and for sharing a wonderful verse!

Have a blessed evening! :)

Kris10 said...

Hey Rebecca!
Just wanted to say that I think this is my favorite outfit to date! So pretty, feminine, and so polished! I think the challange is a neat idea!

Oh, and I loved the 1 Timothy 4:7-8 verse. I tend to worry also. It's a good reminder! Thanks for the encouraging words.

Have a blessed week!

Kristen Porter

Ana Smith said...

I'm glad you busted your remix, that's a beautiful outfit! Thanks for sharing the verse. "Silly myths" is an interesting way to put it. I tend to think in terms of idols. I've been struggling with comparison, selfishness, and fear of failure lately. But, I can rest in that my High Priest was obedient when tempted and has made me perfect through His work. He will not let me go without finishing the work He has begun. :-)

Melanie said...

Oh, this is such a lovely outfit!!!

Anonymous said...

I love what you did to the sweater! It looks so nice over the black. I'm glad you like it!