Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Remix Days 19,20, and 21

Hey everyone!

Once again its been quite busy over here in my part of the woods. :) I played the piano for the service at church on Sunday morning, we had a lovely family over for Sunday dinner and fellowship, and to end the Sabbath we celebrated as a young woman at our church was baptized! It was a joyful Sabbath and the Lord really showed me lots of new things I needed to learn from the Word as well as relying on Him for our every need. Yes every need! Your fridge will not always be full and you might not always have clothing, I am blessed to have an abundance of both for our family. But I am praying to Him to keep providing both.

I wore a different sweater acutally, the purple on I posted about here- http://singinginhisname.blogspot.com/2011/02/remix-day-3.html

for Sunday service and I changed into the blouse and sweater below for the evening. I was quite warm in my wool sweater and wanted to change that. Cotton is much better for staying cool! :)

 I did not wear my hair this way and I already had taken my jewlery off that matched outfit! Oh well! I almost forgot to do the photo and these are not that great, but hey! this is real life and this is what I wore. :)
outfit consists of-
Grey flowers blouse-$5.00 at the PX at the army base
Black wool skirt- thrifted for $2.25
pink cardigan- free from a dear friend
cross necklace- gift from my dad

total only $7.25 plus shoes, which were the same ones I wore on day 17. So see that post to see them. :)

Yesterday and today I wore the same outfit. Usually when I am not doing the 30 day challenge remix I wear an outfit 2 days in a row. I decided it would not be a sin to do so for my own convenience this one time. :) My sister and I went to Mt. Vernon yesterday with some friends and it was a great time. I had to dress warm, so I wore my felt hat and wool skirt along with my wool coat. I am not wearing the coat in the pictures, but you can see that in this post-http://singinginhisname.blogspot.com/2010/12/wool-coat-finished-and-thoughts-on.html

felt fancy clothe wool hat along with wool crepe and deep blue

Outfit consists of-
Black felt hat- from the etsy shop of FeltFancy
Perwinkle top- J.C. Penney $10.00 last year
Black shrug( new york and company brand)- thrifted for $5.00 a few years ago
Black wool skirt- thrifted for $2.25 same skirt as days 20 and 19
Brown boots- $25.00 6 years ago and still going strong :)

I even shoveled the drive way and side walk this morning in this outfit! :) It was quite warm and it made it more fun to shovel while dressing feminine.

Have a lovely rest of your tuesday everyone! I am catching up on chores and laundry and going to bake this yummy casserole tonight! -http://www.recipe.com/squash-and-zucchini-casserole/

In Christ,

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KatySue Pillsbury said...

I love wearing skirts or dresses while shoveling, hiking, camping etc etc etc, it makes it much more fun! You look wonderful!