Friday, September 28, 2012

My Hair and Make Up Routine

Hi everyone!

I did this video the other day, I thought a change up would be great on my you-tube channel and blog from music to hair and make up. :) By the way if you do not have curly hair the hair part might not be that informative. But the hair style I show can be done with any type of hair! So do watch that part which is at the beginning of the video. The make up routine is the second half of the video. I am sorry its 18 minutes long! If you watch the whole thing brownie points for you. ;)

At the end I just share a little bit of what the Lord is teaching me from His WORD and my life right now. I also exhort you guys younger than me to pursue Christ even if He seems distant. So watch that young ladies if you get to the end or you can just fast forward to the end. ;)

God bless and I am going on vacation! So see you all next week.
In Christ,

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Music Studies Series Part 3

Hello everyone,

Here is the 3rd installment of my piano study videos. You can hear me play the 2nd piece I am memorizing for my December exams through the Achievement Program. Enjoy! I filmed this video in August, so my playing is definitely improved now and I plan to post an updated video soon. I am even memorizing! Yeah!

God bless and have a lovely day,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

This Is Not Our Home

Hello ladies,

I was listening to this song by Selah called Wayfaring Stranger and it confirmed again by the Holy Spirit that this is not our home here on earth. Our family has been having a tough month especially July and August, but we all know we are going to a better place where we will see your Savior. What a hope! What a promise! What a goal! What a comfort to know that this is not it. This life here on earth is not grand by any means, but the Lord has a purpose for this life on earth and I believe that purpose is to prepare us for heaven where we will forever be with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We will get to sit in His presence and there will be no more crying or pain or sorrow. What my family has been going through with my grandfather getting ready to leave this earth for a better home has made me realize once again Christ Jesus is our only hope and purpose. Praise the Lord He convicts, sets apart, and calls His children as His own even in trials in this short life.

(I thought I would post this finally. I wrote this while in TX and my grandfather was getting ready to be with the Lord, his earthly body was dying and died. But now he is alive with Christ!)

Music Studies Series Part 2

Hi everyone! I thought I would share another video set I filmed a few weeks back of me practicing and giving practicing tips. I hope its helpful and is informative as well as fun to watch. :) Some of my explaining might not be so great, but that's why I am doing these videos to get better at teaching about piano and music theory in general. Its also been fun and helped me a lot to think through what I am doing to practice for my exams through the TAP program and if its effective and productive. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2 below- 

I hope your Sunday is blessed and restful and focused on Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. He is the reason I am doing this program and have the motivation to learn from home and with believing teachers.

In Christ,

Friday, September 21, 2012

Level 6 Piano Exam Piece On The Lake

Here is one of my 5 pieces of music I have to play from memory for the piano exam in December for the TAP program. Enjoy! I am still learning and filmed this 2 weeks ago. So I have made much more progress recently. I am even memorizing it now! I will post new videos soon.

God bless!

Music Studies Series Part 1

Hello everyone! I decided to start sharing vlogs of my musical studies with you all. I hope you enjoy and learn something and are encouraged to pursue what God is calling you to through these videos. This is the first in a series of videos I have been filming over the past few weeks. I plan to do more videos as well explaining reasons I am taking the exams besides ones I have stated below. Also I feel this video touches only the surface of the lake of all my thoughts about music and this program. :) So more vlogs to come!

You can find my music certification program over here. TAP stands for The Achievement Program and this program has been sponsored and created by the Royal Conservatory in Canada and The Royal Conservatory at Carnegie Hall, which is in New York. So this program called TAP is the new american music program, it has been in Canada under a different name for over 150 years I believe. So I am so glad and grateful I was able to start the program in 2012 the first year of its manifestation. :) Its amazing how God worked it all out for me to get musical learning through this program, to be able to teach, play piano and sing, compose music, and share my music with others and worship Him through the whole program.

God bless you and thanks for watching and reading. :)


Monday, September 17, 2012

This is where the healing begins

Praise the Lord that we can confess our sins to Him and confess our sins to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Lord I pray that people in our churches would look at us like You look at us and see Jesus not the sin, because Jesus covers all the stains and makes us pure. Thank you Jesus that you died for us your church your beloved!


Oh and btw readers I have some vlogs coming up real soon about my vocal/piano studies through The Achievement Program with Carnegie Hall. So thank you for your patience, I know I have been very neglectant of catching you all up on my life. I promise to post soon. :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Christ Forgave us!

Praise the Lord God did the impossible, He forgave us of our sins through His sacrifice on the cross!! And praise God we can by His grace forgive others because we have been forgiven! We can do that impossible thing, because all things are possible with God. <3>

Save A Place For Me

Praise God Heaven is closer than we think. Praise God He has prepared a place for us with no more tears or crying or pain, just being in His awesome presence. <3>