Friday, September 21, 2012

Level 6 Piano Exam Piece On The Lake

Here is one of my 5 pieces of music I have to play from memory for the piano exam in December for the TAP program. Enjoy! I am still learning and filmed this 2 weeks ago. So I have made much more progress recently. I am even memorizing it now! I will post new videos soon.

God bless!


Ana Smith said...

Very pretty! I love pieces you can just relax and enjoy playing.

Rebecca Ann said...

Ana yes its so nice to be relaxed indeed. Its been hard for me to figure out how to be relaxed while playing, but the Lord is good getting me there. :)


Anonymous said...

You play so beautifully.
How is your family doing by the way?
My boys are listening to your playing as I type this and think "What pretty music!!!" I have played a lot of classical pieces for them (well not ME playing, but recordings).

Rebecca Ann said...

Victoria thank you!
My family is doing alright, we are getting ready to go on a much anticipated vacation tomorrow. I can't wait! I think my dad needs it more than the rest of us. ;) He has had a lot of stress with work, church, and his dad going to be with the Lord. So please pray if you see this comment that its refreshing and relaxed for him.

I smiled so big when I saw your comment that your boys liked my music. :) How adorable! I am so glad they like music so much. Thats great you are teaching them to love music at an early age!

God bless!