Friday, September 28, 2012

My Hair and Make Up Routine

Hi everyone!

I did this video the other day, I thought a change up would be great on my you-tube channel and blog from music to hair and make up. :) By the way if you do not have curly hair the hair part might not be that informative. But the hair style I show can be done with any type of hair! So do watch that part which is at the beginning of the video. The make up routine is the second half of the video. I am sorry its 18 minutes long! If you watch the whole thing brownie points for you. ;)

At the end I just share a little bit of what the Lord is teaching me from His WORD and my life right now. I also exhort you guys younger than me to pursue Christ even if He seems distant. So watch that young ladies if you get to the end or you can just fast forward to the end. ;)

God bless and I am going on vacation! So see you all next week.
In Christ,

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