Friday, September 21, 2012

Music Studies Series Part 1

Hello everyone! I decided to start sharing vlogs of my musical studies with you all. I hope you enjoy and learn something and are encouraged to pursue what God is calling you to through these videos. This is the first in a series of videos I have been filming over the past few weeks. I plan to do more videos as well explaining reasons I am taking the exams besides ones I have stated below. Also I feel this video touches only the surface of the lake of all my thoughts about music and this program. :) So more vlogs to come!

You can find my music certification program over here. TAP stands for The Achievement Program and this program has been sponsored and created by the Royal Conservatory in Canada and The Royal Conservatory at Carnegie Hall, which is in New York. So this program called TAP is the new american music program, it has been in Canada under a different name for over 150 years I believe. So I am so glad and grateful I was able to start the program in 2012 the first year of its manifestation. :) Its amazing how God worked it all out for me to get musical learning through this program, to be able to teach, play piano and sing, compose music, and share my music with others and worship Him through the whole program.

God bless you and thanks for watching and reading. :)



Ana Smith said...

I'm so glad you finally found an education choice that works so well for you! I can't wait to see more of your videos. I love hearing different practice techniques from other musicians.

Rebecca Ann said...

Yes indeed Ana its so nice to have found my nitch. :) I am so glad you are enjoying the series so far. <3

Anonymous said...

I am going to attempt to teach my boys music theory (the curriculum thing is coming in the mail hopefully in the next couple of days). It is so cool that you have a piano to play and practice on. That is truly amazing. I'm catching up on your blog!!! ahh. That's great that you get lessons for what you do!!! Your mom must be really talented.

Rebecca Ann said...

Victoria I am so glad to hear you are teaching your kids music! Its definitely a gift to be able to have the time to take the time to learn that subject. I think lots of times its definitely not cultivated in kids who love it, which is a shame. I am so blessed to have parents that both saw I loved music and helped make that music learning experience happen. I really seriously Victoria still can't believe how blessed I am by God to play, write, and teach music all for His glory. its truly a blessing!

God bless,