Saturday, February 12, 2011

Remix Days 10 and 11

Hey everyone!

I realize I did not post my outfit yesterday, well it was quite a busy day and I almost forgot to get a photo, but I did before getting into my pj's for bed. So I am looking a little frazzled, but thats alright. This is reality! I am not always put together. :)

 Outfit consists of-
Wool cardigan with beading(vintage/thrifted)- $5.00
Turquoise skirt(Ross)- $10.00 6 years ago!
Purple long sleeve top(target)- free!
Yes I could not believe it when I found this 100% wool angora cardigan at the Goodwill in PA! It was in the clearance bins and I had to dig, but I found it and have worn it manys winters since. I believe it was about 3 years ago I found it. The beading is beautiful and all intact! I am not sure when its from, but I really do feel its vintage!

The shirt was free from a garage sale I helped with at my church and the skirt I bought at Ross many years ago and I love wearing it now! I remember being 16 and hating it! How could you hate a bohemian beautiful flowing skirt I ask?! Well I did not like it because I thought it made me look fat, but now I love it. It has beautiful embroidery at the bottom and it was warm with my wool leggings and two pairs of socks. This is a summer/spring skirt, but I could not resist adding it into the challenge.

Today I wore a top I have not shown on this blog before. Its a button down white puffed sleeve blouse my mother bought for me at a thrift shop. I was delighted to find it on my bed one day when I came home from a friends house! It fits perfectly and goes with so many of my clothing that is already in my closet. I thought this would be a perfect top with this plaid skirt, which I have already worn, but I just love it! Bethany my sister says I look as if I was Susan from the Narnia movies! In the new one the Voyage of the dawn treader and the first movie she wears a lot of plaid skirts. This skirt is vintage, but I am not sure when its from, but I believe it does resemble the 40's! :) I was love the 1940's plaid skirts.

The outfit consists of-

Plaid raindow skirt(vintage)- gift from my parents from etsy from the seller named dalatlanta.
White puffed sleeve blouse( thrifted)- gift from my mom(thrifted)
black sweater- army base $12.00 I believe
black belt(thrifted)- $2.00
So this outfit totals $14.00! I love frugal outfits that are practical and feminine!

Oh and just a tip about thrifted belts, mine was beat up and the black paint chipping off of it, but it was a great belt, so I used perminant marker to fix it up. Now its as if it was brand new! love it! :)

God bless and I pray you all have a lovely Sabbath tomorrow! I am playing the piano once again for our worship service, I am nervous, but I know the Lord will guide my fingers and calm my nerves as He always does!

In Christ,


KatySue Pillsbury said...

I love the second outfit, it's very vintage looking! I will pray for your nervousness to vanish and your fingers to be divinely guided, you'll do great!=)

Melanie said...

Dear Rebecca,

I do so love the second outfit! How beautiful. :)

Thanks for sharing with us!
Ephesians 1:2,

P.S. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I appreciate it! Also, just so you know, I am not in college quite yet (I am taking an AP class with PHC), but I do still understand what you mean. I will most likely be working from home also when I do so...
:) God bless!

SinginginHisName said...

yeah the first outfit is very blah! I believe the first outfit of the challenge where I was out of inspiration and I really do not adore it. I was having a bad day and was quite discouraged spiritually! so that must have done it. :) I did nothing with my hair and was discouraged and did not want to do that photo! :(

But anyway! I was encouraged by my friends and family after that day! Praise the Lord

Katy sue I just wanted to say you are such an encouragement! Praise God for your prayer for me on Sunday! I played better than I have in a while and the Lord really just helped me worship with my fingers. Praise the Lord! your encouragement and prayers are such a blessing to me!

Melanie oh sorry! I thought you were doing online college! ha! Well thats great you still want to do college from home anyway! good for you! I love all your outfits so far on your blog as well! very pretty!

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

I was just noticing this one, I like your outfit here too... the puff sleeves are always a winner in my book, and I like the skirt too. :)

I'm not sure about the sweater/slippers though. (that is, combined with the rest of the outfit)

Another note: solid color tights/long socks are also a winner. The way they work visually with a skirt is most splendid. (as long as the skirt is at least knee length, tights add total extra cuteness)