Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 2 of the challenge and my oufits

I did 9 tops since I wear a lot of tops and I onlky do laundry every 7 days. It will be easier to have more than 7 available.

I have 7 bottoms to choose from as I love different options and yes I still put a homemade jean one in there! Then I put the two plaid ones I made in there as I have not worn them yet until today! I will be wearing the brown and black plaid one today. I also made the red floral with brown plaid underneath the flowers one.The big plaid one that is rainbow was a vintage gift from my parents for Christmas from etsy. The teal one was from Ross almost 6 years ago and I still love it! The grey solid one is from J.C. Penny and it was $25 dollars this past fall. I love it!
 So I found the source for this challenge! this lovely blog-

Apparently the 30 day challenge's people that do it are called remixers! love it! So I am not a remixer! hehe
The yellow dress and yes that skirt I was trying to sell! I am going to try it out for this challenge. I already have a lot of ideas for it! :)
7 sweaters! I love my sweaters and I could not do without a whole bunch of them. :)
And I was going to only do my pair of boots and a black pair of flats, but I thought more options would be great since we are going on vacation my sketchers will come in handy for all that walking. So 5 pairs it is of my shoes!

Have a lovely day and I will post pictures of todays outfit later in another post.
In Christ,



KatySue Pillsbury said...

I am so not a remixer either, but am trying to get better at it! I just get stuck in a rut and wear the some outfits over and over!

SinginginHisName said...

Yes I wanted to challenge myself to really think through my wardrobe this month! So I thought after seeing other bloggers doing it might be fun! Its been hard, and I have wanted to deviate away from the clothing I picked for the remix, but I am trying to stick it and have done so thus far! praise God!