Monday, February 8, 2010

New Favorite website!!!

Hello everyone!
The other day I was on the Sense and Sensibility forum and I was looking a young ladies signature on there. Her name is Ginny and this is what I found. It is a compliation of resources for historical clothing!! I thought how wonderful and useful ,as well as fun to look through! I am so glad she had this list and I came across the Smithsonian womens collection womens dresses collection half way through the list of websites!!! I was so excited and I showed my sister all the wonderful gowns that apparently are in the smithsonians collection! Even some of them are on display in the smithsonian american history museum, which is only 30 minutes on the metro or by car from our house!! My mother said that we will have to make a trip to see them as well as the declaration of independence in the National Archives! I am so excited about this trip hopefully by the end of this month or in march!

Here is my favorite gown of them all! I really want to do the 1770-1785 gown like the one pictured here. !!! It is gorgeous and it would be a dream for me to make this gown or for my sister to make it for me someday!! I just adore the light blue silk over the red silk!!! Oh its just gorgeous I think and I have always wanted to do colonial! This is the era I am studying in government currently and it would be just lovely to own a gown or even go and see this gown to study as well! eep!!

I also adore this dress! The bonnet is also exquisite! I am going to be possibly making a 1860's fashion bonnet soon with some other ladies from my reenacting group. But we shall see. I would love to have an excuse to reenact the 1850's as well as the 1770's!

Well do check out their collection online and if you can do go and check them out in person at the smithsonian! Its free and its great for study! Of course they do not have all 30,000 peices that are in their collection on display, but many of these dresses are! *sighs*

Well have a lovely day everyone and keep warm!
In Christ,Rebecca


Miriam said...

Goodness! *blush* Thank you so much for featuring my site, Rebecca! It's free publicity :P and it's really nice of you. I'm glad you found some gowns you like, I think they're gorgeous!


SinginginHisName said...

Oh your site is great Ginny! I was hoping you would not mind me sharing it! :) Yes the gowns are just gorgeous! Maybe we could go to D.C. to see them together sometime?!! that would be so fun!