Thursday, February 11, 2010

More jean skirts and other options

Hey Ladies and Gents!
I found recently found this lovely site and I love their cloths! Now I am not muslim or islamic, but I believe they have one thing right on this site: femininity is not compromised when it comes to modesty.

Their clothing is not frumpy, but beautiful and feminine, while still being modest. I will not be buying a hijab or a long dress, but I hope to buy these pants in navy sometime in the future. And this skirt in brown is beautiful! Its expensive and I have a brown skirt, so I won't be buying, but its beautiful! Of course, this denim skirt is gorgeous I think as well! With all the small panels, instead of one big peice of fabric you could easily make something similar with a small peice of denim or if you had peices of denim that were not wide enough for one peice in the back and one large peice in the front. You could peice it! An idea for all you seamstresses! I might try it sometime! :) Well I hope this helps you ladies out there looking for ready made practical, feminine, and modest clothing. God bless and I will be posting some pictures of my own jean skirts and other skirts that I wear soon.

And please let me know if the links are working or not, as my friend Jenn informed me they were not. No wonder no one posted saying anything! :)

In Christ,Rebecca


Jenn said...

These skirts look very interesting, but there was no link to the site. Could you re-post or e-mail it to me? Thanks,

SinginginHisName said...

Thanks for pointing it out Jenn. I will have to fix the links. Its a middle eastern site. I love their fashions though!