Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Newest book for the Rebelution

Hey Ladies and Gents!!
Its coming!!!!

I was so excited yesterday to see that Brett and Alex Harris are coming out with their new book called Start Here in 5 weeks!!! I read their first book called Do Hard Things a few years ago when it first came out and I was inspired and challenged spiritually in my life and in things that I do daily to do it all for the glory of God in many new ways! Seriously when I made a list of things that were hard that I knew God wanted me to do it was so hard to do them at first! But I have completed those 5 things and now I have new and even bigger challenges coming my way. Thank you Brett and Alex for doing what God called you to do to do the hard thing of writing this book. God used it to change my life in many areas.

Here is their website and you can read more about their new book.
Have a blessed day and do all to His glory!
In Christ,Rebecca


Christine said...

Oh, I am soo excited for this book to come out.
Thanks for posting about it!


Madeline said...

I did a post about it too! Funny.

SinginginHisName said...

Yes its so exciting!

Far From Perfect said...

Yay! Can't wait! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :) It has been insane at my house... hence the not so often posts.. but we are half way through calving season.. and Jesus is with us at all times! I'll try and post soon!