Friday, February 5, 2010

My 2010 reading list

Hello everyone!

I have been drowned in piles of school work this past week and I have been getting reading in here and there to keep myself sain. I have not had much time for blog posts or much sewing. But I have been practicing piano an hour and a half each day! My voice is also back and I plan to start my singing studies again today. I thought I would share with you all what I have been reading lately to tide you all over until I have another sewing or music post ready. All these books I highly recommend and are appropriate I believe for gals and guys ages 13 and up. Of course with the permission of their parents for reading them. :)

I just finished
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott WHen the darkness will not lift by John Piper back in January, as well as by John Piper. Both were very good reads and very different in content and all obviously! But I throughly enjoyed both! I received the one by John Piper for christmas from a dear friend and Little Women is also from our family library, which we picked up at a used book sale. My version is not the same as the link I gave you and its a hardback edition.

I have been reading my ESV Bible of course, I received the ESV study Bible for Christmas and I just love it! Its a great tool for studying the Word more in depth. I also use my regular ESV translation as well. You can purchase both of these off of Amazon.

small esv bible , which I have had for about 7 years is this one from amazon.

And the
ESV study Bible is great! Mine was not this expensive, they must have racked up the price for the leather bound. I love this ESV Bible for in-depth study of the Word. Its great with all the foot notes, extra maps, concordance, etc.

Here are some books I have been enjoying in my spare time.

I bought
this book back in December, but since I am so busy I still have not finished it. But I plan to finish it before the month of February is over. It is called Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper! I highly recommend this book! It has a wonderful message any christian that is new to the faith or has been walking with the Lord for a while should hear!

I think
this book should be owned by every christian or every christian family! Its a great resource for those tough questions, which sometimes are not so easy to understand about manhood and womanhood. Since the world and even some of the church today have a distorted view of what it means to be a man or woman biblically this book is a great way to understand what that means Biblically and not by the worlds idea of masculinity and femininity. I highly recommend this book! I have read only through the intro and chapters 1 and 2 of part one! But I have learned a lot and I have also been reminded of a lot! So definately add Biblical Manhood and Womanhood by Piper and Grudem to your reading list if you have not read it yet!

I also have 4 chapters left before I finish
Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen! I love this book and I would recommend it for ages 16 and up only because for younger girls it could make them discontent and I think more mature gals should read it. Its a romance novel, but its also about character and maturity in the lives of Marianne and Elinor Dashwood who are sisters. Jane Austen is brilliant and I would recommend the movie also for older gals and their parents and guys to watch. I would recommend the 1995 version though, its my favorite with Kate Winslet as Marianne, but the new one is also good, but I think not as good a representation of Marianne. She seems to be more immature and silly in the newer one than she really is to me in the book or 1995 version. So I like the older one better. I would recommend it as my favorite Austen book so far, but I have only read S&S and Pride and Prejudice and I have a feeling I will love Persuasion, which I plan to read next.

The last book I have been reading is the Castaways of the Flying Dutchman by Brian Jacques. I do like book and it is well written, I would recommend this book for boys and girls 12 and older. It may be a little scarey or too hard a read for younger boys and girls. But the story so far is delightful, funny, and mysterious. Amazon does carry this book for Kindle, but not in paper book form. I bought mine at Barnes and Nobles many years ago and never read it until now. There are 2 others in the series, this is the first installment. great book! very adventurous!

I have also been listening to The United States at War- The American Revolution audio series by George C. Scott and I have been enjoying it even though it is for my Worldviews of the Western World course I am doing for school. I love learning about history and I have gotten lots of notes, new ideas, learned much, and gotten lots of hand sewing on a civil war quilt done while listening to this series. I love learning while sewing! :) Amazon does not have this, but here is the website for my
Worldviews course and you can buy it there.

Books I plan to read in March are
What is Reformed Theology? R.C. Sproul, I have read the first chapter and a little bit of some of the other chapters and it is quite good. It gives a good idea to me what reformed theology is, because I had been wondering what it is as I have some friends and know some families who are reformed. I want to know for sure if I am reformed etc.

I also will be starting Persuasion by Jane Austen. Now my version of
Persuasion as well as all jane Austen's other works are all in one big volume my family bought at a used book sale many years ago. So the books I am linking to on amazon are not the copies I own. So be weary of versions that may be abridged! I despise abridged books!!

I will also probably still be reading Biblical manhood and womanhood by piper, because its so long and is a lot of information. :)

I am not sure what else besides that, but I have lots of books under read on my shelf that I will probably read as well.

I hope you all have a lovely day! I plan to get more worldviews done, listening to that audio series, as well as reading many government documents. I also have chemistry and practicing spanish to do. I also plan to work on a plaid bias skirt that I cut out but have not finished today. We are supposed to be getting 2 feet of snow again between today and tomorrow. So its perfect being snowed in to get things accomplished. I sister and I are still sad because some friends of ours will not be coming up like they were supposed to on sunday for the super bowl! But we will still have to enjoy ourselves without them. Also probably we won't be able to visit a new church that we wanted to visit Sunday either. But we will have to wait till next weekend.

have a great day and stay warm!

In Christ,

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