Saturday, February 13, 2010

Heros are not just soldiers in a war on earth..........

They are men who do all to the glory of God, sacrificing their lives just as Christ did for His Church.

I found a little book of poems about chivalry and heros in God's eyes today! I was so happy to come across this book in our family library we had forgotten about. Its entitled "Poems with Power To Strengthen the Soul" compiled by James Mudge. I can't believe we forgot about thid treasure. It is from 1902 and is in the public domain, so I will be copying a lot of these poems to give out to young men and ladies in our civil war reenacting group. I think the young men and women in the leadership roles in our group would be able to use these poems to encouragement all the young men and women to be chivalrous and be heros not of the worlds standards but of the Lords.

Here is one poem that stuck out to me from the chapter that is all poems about Heroism.

God's Heros
by Edward Hartley Dewart

" Not on the gory field of fame
Their noble deeds were done;
Not in the sound of earth's acclaim
Their fadeless crowns were won.
Not from the palaces of kings,
Nor fortune's sunny clime,
Came the great souls, whose life-work
Luster o'er earth and time.

For truth with tireless zeal they sought;
In joyless paths they trod-
Heedless of praise or blame they wrought,
And left the rest to God.
The lowliest sphere was not disdained;
Where love could soothe or save,
They went, by fearless faith sustained,
Nor knew their deeds were brave.

The foes with which they waged their strife
Where passion, self, and sin;
The victories that laureled life
Were fought and won within.
Not names in gold emblazoned here,
And great and good confessed,
In Heaven's immortal scroll appear
As noblest and as best.

No sculptured stone in stately temple
Proclaims their rugged lot;
Like Him who was their great example,
This vain world knew them not.
But though their names no poet wove
In deathless song or story,
Their record is inscribed above;
Their wreaths are crowns of glory."

I thought this was exactly a great picture biblical manhood! It does not matter if the world recodnices your victories, but that you do the victory for Christ alone.
He is the one we want to be recodniced by in our victories.

May we all strive to be men and women winning battles for the Lord; not needing to be recodniced by the world, but only by Christ alone.

In Christ,

All photos curtosy of Lindsey Weberg and from the October 2009 ACCS event.