Saturday, January 30, 2010

Last Day of WIFD Day 7

Hello everyone!
Today unfortunately is the last day of WIFD! But I am now inspired to keep dreaming and making new combos for myself to wear in the coming days. Its great fun and I enjoy dressing in a feminine manner! In case you all don't know WIFD is Week in feminine dress, over at the sense and sensibility message forum all the ladies that are participating have to dress in dresses and skirts over even jeans and make their outfits feminine! In this day and age many ladies just throw something on not thinking to dress like the lady they are. So we are trying to bring back dressing like ladies!
Here is my outfit for today! I wore the same top I wore thursday, but with a grey long sleeve t shirt underneath for extra warmth. The shirt that is a purple wrap shirt is my favorite shirt I also wore thursday and it was only $7.00 at Ross. The grey shirt is from my dear friend Hannah and it was free! And the skirt was also free! So my outfit was only $7.00!! hehe! I love that price tag!My dear sister also did my hair american civil war style today, because we did a photo shoot outside with all the snow of myself in my civil war dress and coat, etc. Pictures from our photo shoot will be coming soon over at my sisters blog. There are some secret things that she has been working on for me for reenacting she wants to share! It was lots of fun taking photos in the snow!Here is a better picture of the whole outfit. My jean skirt is from New Creation Apparel, I have had it for about 2 years now and I love it! New creations website is on my favorite websites list on the right side bar on here! So check them out if you want beautiful modern ready made skirts! This skirt was actually free! The lady gave it to us for free because my sister, mother, and I bought 8 skirts from her at once when she was having a sale and she added this one for free because we bought so many of her skirts and were good customer's! Oh the perks of buying during a sale skirts for our family! :)

Have a great day everyone! I will post a preview of my sister's blog post and link to her blog later today! I am loving sitting here with my family and watching the snow come down outside!

In Christ,



Melanie said...

Ohh!! Your hair is BEAUTIFUL!! :-D

I love your outfit-- so cute! I have enjoyed seeing the creative ways you combine outfits and such! Inspiring! :-D

SinginginHisName said...

thank you Melanie! I am glad you have enjoyed it!

I think I may be posting once or twice a week what I am wearing that day just for fun for now on! I think its fun to see others doing the same and I know you and other ladies enjoy it as well! So I think I will do it once a week from now on! :)