Friday, January 29, 2010

WIFD Day 6

Hello everyone!

I can't believe that the week in Feminine Dress over at the Sense and Sensibility message forum is almost over! I have had so much fun thinking up new outfits with items I already have and wearing old ones I have not worn in a while. Here is my outfit for today! I decided to go more casual, but still feminine with this mini dress made by my sister. It was made from a vintage 80's pattern last year out of yellow linen. I love the bodice, but I can't wear this dress by itself while still being modest, so I wear my jeans with it and a top underneath. Its really cold here today so I wore a long sleeve top. Normally I would wear a short leave top underneath, but for warmth today its long sleeve. :)The jeans were free!! Believe it or not! My church has a cloths drive every year for the homeless and all the volunteers get to take any of the cloths that are left after the drive. So I found this pair that are origanally from Banana Republic and were in mint condition! I was happy! The sweater I added after realizing that I was freezing in just a long sleeve t shirt and the dress and jeans.It was from the sale bin at GoodWill and it was only $3.00 I believe and it is vintage with beaded flowers and it is 100% merion wool!! I was so happy to find this treasure 4 years ago! I also am wearing my pink slippers and wool socks. Sorry for the unstylish slippers! lol I forgot to cut them out of the pictures. But I am at home, so its ok right? A close up is below of the beading on the sweater.
The long sleeve purple top was also from the same cloths drive for free. I think the only thing I paid for in this outfit was the linen for the dress, which was not expensive, probably 5 or 6 dollars for it!

here is a close up of my lovely earrings that a good friend of mine made for me out of another pair of earrings that were too goddy for my taste. So she took them apart and came up with this pair as well as another pair. I wear them for civil war reenacting and for modern wear. I also wore this same pair yesterday with my other purple outfit.

I wore my pearl necklace that I got for my birthday last year from my parents and my white belt, which I got at the thrift store for $1.00!! So this outfit totals only about $7.00!!

Oh and I am not wearing shoes today, since I am at home, but I will go on a walk later and I will be wearing the same brown flats I wore on Day 3.
Have a blessed day everyone and I hope your weekend is lovely! We are supposed to get a snow storm this weekend! But we shall see what God does!
In Christ,


Ashley Nicole said...

Lovely outfit! You find such nice clothing at thrift stores Rebecca. When we used to go to thrift stores we didn't find many nice clothes. All of our friends do, but when we go we don't find anything nice! :p

SinginginHisName said...

Oh Ashley I would just recommend trying again and again! I have found there are times when I don't find anything when I got to a thrift store that is worth wearing. But other times I find great stuff! Its really hit and miss! I really don't think there is an art to it, its just providence.

Hannah said...

AW!!! Becca, you look soo cute in that outfit!! I should try doing that some time. I dont think I've ever seen you in jean should wear that kind of outfit more often ;) oh and I love ur red fuzzies ;)

love ya girl!!


SinginginHisName said...

thanks Hannah! Yes I do not wear jeans a lot, but I finally figured out a way to wear them that is comfortable for me. love you and miss you too girl!