Saturday, January 16, 2010

My vintage sewing Sneak peek!

My new dress that is in progress! Its perwinkle blue and I love the way its turning out so far!

Well on tuesday after I came home from an early spanish class, I decided to start myself a new vintage inspired dress! I am using Butterick 5315 and I love it so far! I have had this pattern for about 1 year and have just needed the perfect fabric to make it up! I was inspired when a good friend of mine borrowed my pattern and made it up. Her's turned out lovely and then I saw what Anna over at Pleasant View Schoolhouse did with her pattern and I just had to start making mine. I have been doing it since tuesday on and off, since I still have school and many other things on my plate. I really want to finish it today for Sunday worship, but I am not sure if I will be able to as we have company coming over. It is a vintage inspired pattern, if reminds me of the 1950's, which is one of my favorite era's of dresses for modern wear!!

Isn't is so pretty!?Mine is also a solid color and guess what color that may be? If you know me well, its definately blue!! Here is a photo of the bodice in progress. I will post pictures of it finished whenever that may be. I hope to finish it this coming week, if not today. It still needs buttons and button holes and the skirt to be pleated in and hemmed. I am so excited about this proejct!

Oh and by the way, the dress form is my sister's, she has had Robin(the dress form) for many years and is so kind to let me use it. As I am a new seamstress and I have not being sewing for myself but, about 2 years. I had known how to sew, but not very well. I am trying to get to where I can sew for myself without help. This whole project so far has gone well, I was able to fix problems I had on my own! Hopefully by the time I Lord willing am married I will be able to sew without Beth's help! I think I might just need my own dress form someday! I have my own machine, but not my own serger or dress form. Beth and I received our serger for christmas. So when one of us gets married Lord willing we will have to get another serger! :)

In Christ,


Kathrann said...

I LOVE your blog!
It sounds like you and I have a few common interests as well. :) I love to dress up in 1860's, victorian and 1950's period dressess!
Also, I love to sing, play the guitar and piano! But most of all, I love the Lord, our God. Isn't it glorious to be daughters of the one true king!
Come and visit!


SinginginHisName said...

Kathrann, I am so glad you stopped by my blog! Its great to hear from a fellow of lover of past fashions and music and of our Lord! God bless and you have a lovely blog as well!