Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Seaside and Spring and Summer are calling!

Oh to have a garden party! I am longing for an outdoors get togeather with friends and family! Its so cold and dreary outside these days without much snow! I wish spring would come soon!
Or in this picture we could get in our carriages and have a sunday drive! :)
Seaside fashions for children and girls from La Mode Illustree 1875. I thought this was just adorable and you can see their outfits very well. I love the bustle era as well and my dream is to have a bustle gown for my wedding dress! *sigh* It would be a modern bustle gown, but with inspiration from the bustle era of course!
The painting "Brighten Front" by Abraham Solomon, he painted it in the year of 1860, this is right up my alley! I love the american civil war styles! And to think to be there near the beach dressed so elegantly! *Sigh*

This painting is called "Westen Sands" by William H. Hopkins and Edmund Havell and it was done in the year 1864. I just love this one, because its so interesting, what is the boy telling the young ladies in the painting and where is it? There are lots of donkeys and goats, hmmm.... Its beautiful with the sand and clouds as well!

Its been so cold these past weeks here in Virginia! I am longing for Spring and summer!! I thought I would never say that as I love bringing out the warm socks, sweaters, coats, mittens, hats and all! But I am wanting to just wear a short sleeve blouse and a light skirt and be bare foot at the beach reading a good book or wading in the water!

These pictures reminded me of this longing for Spring and Summer!
I found all these photos on this website http://www.fashion-era.com/the_victorian_era.htm and this lovely blog again http://goldenagepaintings.blogspot.com/.
Have a lovely day everyone! Now to get school accomplished and I have to practice piano and voice a little before my Mom starts teaching her music students. God bless!
In Christ,

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