Monday, January 11, 2010

1820's-1910 paintings of women's fashions and landscapes

Hello friends! I thought I would post some painting I found; I just love old paintings! :) I found all these paintings at this lovely blog. I just love all the paintings she has on there. ( this is not a site for younger girls and boys to view without parents consent.) This painting is called An Interesting Paragraph and it was painted by Henry King. Another painting I posted towards the end of this blog post is called The Letter and is by King as well. This painting reminds me of my sister and I! The girl reading the newspaper looks like me a little with the dark hair and the other has red hair like my sister. I think is what our house would look if we lived in the old days. Of course we would have a spinning wheel! We want to get one someday and learn how to weave the yarn we would spin from it as well!
This painting is called Gathering Firewood and was painted with watercolors by John Henry Mole in 1873. I love the country, small village feel of this painting. It reminds me of England! I am not suprised it is of England!

By Alexander M. Rossi, a oil painting called Forbidden books, painted in 1897. This really makes me want to read a great book after I finish this post! :) Oh tohave a library full of books! I am so blessed to have a library that my parents have been making since I can remember. My mother and my father come home with books every-so-often that we add to our family library. Right now I am going to read Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper and then The Castaways of the Flying Dutchman by Brian Jaques tonight. Jaques is also the author of Redwall, which I have yet to read. I want to read that next! This painting is by Henry Andrews and is called The Garden Party and it was painted in 1866. I am longing for a party where we can dance with our civil war reenacting friends and this made me really want to start planning! :)

The Letter by Henry King, I think it is from the 1870's! I just loved this painting, I love her outfit, her earrings, hair, and the flower growing in the window as she writes her letter! This makes me want to sit down and journal and write some letters tomorrow! I have some thank you notes to send in the mail, so I will have to do that!

I thought this painting from 1830 called the Itinerant Artist by Charles Bird King was quite interesting. It has all these children and women intently watching as the artist, which I am assuming is supposed to be King painting a new work. The colors and the girl's dresses really captivated me.

This is a painting of Dudley, England painted in 1832, by one of England's finest ever artists -Joseph Mallord William Turner. This painting really captivated me as well! I love the colors and how it is misty and mysterious! Makes me want to be in Italy again!
For all of you that were interested in or participated in the Maid Marion week over at Amanda Beth's website; I found a painting that is supposed to be a version of our very own favorite heroine Maid Marion.
God bless your week and may we all be pressing on with our ears intently listening for God's will and call for our lives!
In Christ,


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I love "The Letter". :-)

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Yes its my favorite! :)