Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My finished Flannel Nightgown

I used Simplicity 3573 to sew my new flannel night gown! I chose view A, which is the green gown on the far left. I love the way it turned out and it was definately like it says, "an easy pattern". I could have made this in one day if I had more longer periods of time to sew. But I would say I did it in about 3 hours; I did serg everything on the inside and I am a beginner on my sewing skills. I love it and I plan to make the same view A in a light cotten for the summer and spring too. I just have to choose some fabric from the stash or buy a light weight cotten soon. I also plan to make a flannel robe and long sleeve night gown out of the other views. I want to buy some flannel for that; so I have an excuse to buy more fabric! :) Last school year I had cut out this night gown planning to make it for the cold winter months of that year; then I lost the pattern to my disapointment. Now, I found the pattern last week over christmas break and I was able to finish it today! I also was able to serg the inside seams of this night gown! My sister and I received a serger for christmas from our parents and other generous relatives! We are so happy with our Janome serger!

I was so glad to find these 3 large buttons in our button stash! we have probably just about every kind of button you could imagine! Many older women and children of ones who have passed on have given us many sewing stashes of supplies. Buttons tend to be one thing we receive or find a lot of in yard sales, estate sales, thrift stores, and from friends!

I thought giving you the closer up pictures would give a better idea of the bodice, I made the gown bigger for comfort of course! :) I also thought posting pictures of myself in the gown would be better than just putting it on a hanger. Its hard to see how it looks on the hanger on a real person. I thought since this gown looks like a modern dress in the first place, posting this gown would not be inappropriate. Any thoughts are appreciated if this is offensive to anyone.
I love it and I hope it inspires more of you to make feminine modest clothes even for going to bed!
In Christ,


Ana Smith said...

I love it! I have two flannel nightgowns that were handmedowns from a friend. It's like wearing a blanket to bed.

SinginginHisName said...

Thank you Ana! Yes it is so nice and warm! This is my first flannel nightgown since I was a child so I will be so happy if this helps to keep be warm tonight instead of freezing!! Miss you girl!

Melanie said...

Neat! I bet it's warm! I'm wanting to make myself a flannel nightgown too! ;-)

Ashley Nicole said...

OH MY WORD! You won't believe this Rebecca, but I have a flannel nightgown made up in the same pattern and view! Except mine is pink & white with rose buds allover. :P

Enjoy your new serger! We were blessed with a babylock serger last March as a gift from a lady from church. It makes a world of difference in modern sewing, making them look more store bought.

SinginginHisName said...

Yes Melanie its quite warm! Waking up this morning I felt quite warm! :)

Oh thats funny Ashley!! I love the pattern.

Yes I just love our new serger it really makes things seem finished and yes more store bought and professional and it will last longer too! :)

Aurora said...

That is so cute Rebecca! It looks so warm and comfortable! There is nothing like flannel nightgowns in the winter! :)

SinginginHisName said...

thank you Aurora! Yes its so comfortable for the winter months and so warm! I plan on making a few more as soon as I buy some more flannel! Oh and I am so excited because a new Joann( that is the fabric stores we have in the US) is opening only 10 minutes from our house in february! The one we currently go to is about 30 each way, so we are so excited! We will be able to make trips easier this way!

the W. family said...

That looks like a very warm and comfy nightgown! The fabric is very pretty too. :)

SinginginHisName said...

Thank you Alyssa! I am loving my handiwork! thanks for stopping by!