Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome the New Year with thankfulness!

We have been in the ACCS reenacting group for 1 years now this past october event, we love all our friends there! Here is the website, if any of you are in the Virginia area and want to do civil war reenacting with a christian homeschool group. We love recreating history with friends and family! This was our past 2009 October event, all the ladies got a group picture.
My 18th birthday party last April was a blast, we had a 1950's theme and Bethany made her dress and my dress. Friends of course was the best part of the whole affair!

We went on the Sense and Sensibility trip to London and Bath this past september. It was filled with many wonderful memories and new friends! Bethany and I are in the top picture in Bath at the Jane Austen festival with our friends Sarah and Ana. In the bottom picture we are in London at the fan museum after tea with the whole sense and sensibility group. Mrs. Chancey was a wonderful tour hostess and we were so happy to meet her as well!

This was just some fun remembering some of the events from this past year! There are many more I don't have time to post!

Dear friends! I have been pondering today how the past year has gone by so quickly! I remember when I was about 7 years old and I said along with my sister nodding in agreement ," We will never be 17 and 18 Mommy!" I said,"Mommy we will never be that old for a long time and I can't imagine being as old as my baby sitter Cherie." I remember looking up to her like she was so tall and so much bigger and that I would never be that mature or tall! :) Now I have little girls looking up to me and I am much taller than lots of them! I cannot believe I thought I would never be 18 as it has come quite quickly! The years have gone by and the Lord is still here and He has been with me the whole way! But the last year has been a very life changing time for me! I have realized how many faults I have even more-so than I had in the past. I gave my life to Christ two years ago and I believe the Lord has been changing me over the past year so much! Its been a roller coaster ride I will never forget and it has done me good; even through all the times of depression and lonliness I have experienced I have been able to find joy in my Savior.

Today I read this from Spurgeon's book called "Morning and Evening" and it really sums up what kind of year it has been for me, how the Lord has helped me with my sin and how I have learned to trust His power to lead my life.

" Personality is declared most fully. The sinner must come to Jesus, not to works, ordinances, or doctrins, but to a personal Redeemer, who His own self bare our sins in His own body on the tree. The bleeding, dying, rising Saviour, is the only star of hope to a sinner. Oh for grace to come now and drink, ere the sun sets upon the year's last day!

No waiting or preparation is so much as hinted at. Drinking represents a reception for which no fitness is required. A fool, a thief, a harlot can drink; and so sinfulness of character is no bar to the invitation to believe in Jesus. We want no golden cup, no bejewelled chalice, in which to convey the water to the thirsty; the mouth of poverty is welcome to stoop down and quaff the flowing flood. Blistered, leprous, filthy lips may touch the stream of divine love; they cannot pollute it, but shall themselves be purified. Jesus is the fount of hope. Dear reader, hear the dear Redeemer's loving voice as He cries to each of us, "If any man thirst let him come unto me and drink." -John 7:37

May we all drink of the fountain of life, that we may be clean from our sins! As I know I am nothing but filthy rags in His sight without my Savior's blood to make me clean!

God bless you all and may this new year be another adventure of learning, making things new, and trusting in His voice alone!

Just for fun I thought I would post Bethany at her spring recital this past year! She has learned so much during this first year of her learning to play the harp! We are so proud of her! I think it is such a beautiful instrument to listen to and it becomes her aubern hair very well don't you think?!
In Christ,


Melanie said...

I love the picture of the reenacting group! What a lot of girls! How fun! :-D I must come to one of the reenactments sometime. ;-)

I know what you're talking about, when you were little thinking your babysitter was so old and you'd never be that old, and now you have children looking up to you! When I started babysitting a couple years ago, I felt the same way. And still do. It is funny when I think of how I used to be babysat, and now I babysit. ;-) And the little kids think of me as so much older... I even have some who call me "MISS Melanie" ;-) I love it! :-D

I am so glad for all the Lord has taught you this year. He has taught me so much too! I was looking back through my devotions journal yesterday and realized that it seems the main lesson He's been teaching me this year is TRUST. In so many ways, I have learned that I need to just take my hands off the steering wheel and let God lead my life-- and I can know that all He does is good and acceptable and perfect. He is so good!

Happy New Year, dear friend! <3

SinginginHisName said...

Yes we love our reenacting group and that was not even all the girls as some had already gone home that weekend! We would love for you to come to one with us sometime! Lord willing our families will be able to meet in person someday!

Yes the Lord I believe has been teaching me the same thing too this past year! Trust has been a big lesson as well as putting all my pains and troubles to him before others. If I can not give all my troubles to my Savior before another person then maybe He is not at the top of my priorities like He should be. My sister reminds me of this when I pour out my thoughts to her sometimes before I have done so with my Savior first and made myself contented and trusting in Him first.

Yes have a blessed new year dear friend! Now I am inspired to go and read through some more of my past journal entries. I too journal prayer requests and what the Lord is teaching me.

Saminda said...

How delightful to find your blog (via Over the Moon with Joy) - I could relate to your comment regarding your Mother not wanting to let go of the santa tradition. :) I have had to shrug my Mother's desire for me to do santa with my children right away..... I just couldn't do it, even though I grew up with it! We have beautiful Christmasses with no santa in sight. :)
I have enjoyed reading through your blog tonight. I just adore the photos of all the period dress - *sigh* - I am so born in the wrong century :) And I love your curly hair! So pretty. :)
Saminda xo

SinginginHisName said...

Saminda thanks for commenting! Yes I love my mother, I will just not be using the santa tradition in the future. As you have said too! :)

I am so glad you enjoyed my blog! Yes my grandmother used to always say I was born in the wrong century, but I told her just as in Esther when she says I was put here for such a time as this. I have to remember the Lord has put me in this century for such a time as this. :) I would love to live in a different era, but I have to remember He has me here for reason to serve Him and be a light to a lost generation.

Thank you! Yes I am so blessed to have curls, I used to despise them! But now I am glad I can work with them, as when I was little it was hard to work with.

God Bless!