Monday, December 7, 2009

Patrick Henry Homeschool Choir

Here are some of the songs my choir sang at our christmas concert yesterday. The first song is called On This Day Earth Shall Ring, the second is Ding Dong Merrily On High, and the third is an arrangement of The First Noel. The last one is called Once Upon A Holy Night, my friend did the solo for this one; her name is Olivia. But I also sang this solo at our other concert at a nursing home 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately we did not get a video. ): Oh well. Enjoy! I am on the far right with the dark hair on the top row, its hard to see me.

This choir I sing in is the YMA which is the Youth Music Academy choir at Patrick Henry College. The college has a program that has a choir and orchestra for homeschool junior and high school students. Its at the college, but is not apart of their courses.

In Christ,



Ashley Nicole said...

How delightful to be able to hear your choir! :D

SinginginHisName said...

Oh I am so glad you enjoyed it Ashley! Its so much fun and encouraging to be able to sing with them!

Justin Gist Preuninger said...

I didn't know PHC had a youth academy choir... very interesting... I'm actually a former PHC student... but I was noticing, you were in Bath for this year's Jane Austen Festival?

SinginginHisName said...

Oh hello Justin, glad you stopped by my blog. Yes I remember seeing you at the Jane Austen festival back in September. I actually had been reading Aurora's blog for a while and we met up there. My sister and I were on a historical costume tour with Jennie Chancey. Actually Jennie used to be an intern at the Homeschool Legal defense association at PHC. Its funny how so many people are connected to PHC. I am looking into maybe attending there, but we shall see.

I posted pictures from the Jane Austen festival back at my old xanga. here

Melanie said...

I LOVED IT! I love listening to good choral music, and your choir sounds just lovely! How fun that you get to participate in it!
~Melanie :-D

SinginginHisName said...

Thanks Melanie!! I am so glad you enjoyed it! I love participating! It has helped me to be able to sing in a group well and make new friends.

Justin Gist Preuninger said...

Ahh, yes, I saw your xanga posts... I followed the link when you posted on Aurora's blog... do have a question... which Bed and Breakfast is pictured? It reminds me of one place I stayed one night... (I stayed in 3 different places when in Bath)

I have this feeling that everyone I meet is somehow connected to three or more other people I know, even if I should run into them on the other end of the world, lol. I didn't know Chancey had been with HSLDA, that's awesome!

I think I saw so many people when I was in Bath that I don't recall precisely when we might have run into each other... did we formally meet, or were we at the same events at the same time? Way too much happened in too little time!

Also, you aren't related to any War of Northern Aggression reenactments that take place in Northern Virginia, are you? My little sister came back from one and said she met a girl/woman who saw me in Bath, but should couldn't describe the person nor remember their name... you wouldn't have such a memory, would you?

SinginginHisName said...

Yes I did meet your sister and your mother actually at the ACCS childrens civil war reenactment back in October. It was kind of ironic that they were your family. My friends there told me that they were related to you and I remembered the name. It was funny.

I don't recall what bed and breakfast that was, but I will look it up. Somewhere in Bath is all I remember. Yes Bath went by quite fast for me as well. I was only there 4 days for the festival. No we did not meet formally, you were with Aurora and some others during the genes book of world records count down at the festival and I also saw you again at the Baroque dance demo. So I saw you around, but I was not formally introduced. I think you may have danced in the same set as me a couple times. funny how everyone is connected.

Justin Gist Preuninger said...

Ahh, yes... and I was noticing said W's in your xanga pictures... we used to go to Berea Bible Church with them...

I find it funny that everyone knows who I am, lol... I'm still trying to figure out how you knew who I was to know that they were my family, lol! (that's what has me puzzled)

I actually missed the Guinness World Record event... amongst other problems, I have no period attire. I did meet Aurora and others however during the improvers dance workshop... and yes, I was at the Baroque Dance display. (Aurora would have come if she had known there was to be dancing for everyone, I think)

BTW, your last name doesn't start with the letter 'T', does it?

SinginginHisName said...

So are you graduating from PHC soon or have you already graduated or you just went there for a while? just curious.

Yes the W's knew your sister and your mother and then I said wait a minute I know their brother, well I had seen him in Bath. It was a little strange. So yeah I met them but I did not know them previously. A whole bunch of people knew your sister and mother at our event in October.

Oh well I guess it must have been just after the world record and all and at the baroque festival I saw you.

Nope, my last name does not start with a T. I won't post it on here, but you can see my last on my fb page. I accepted your friend invite.

Justin Gist Preuninger said...

I went to PHC for two semesters... so, no, I did not graduate from there. I'm currently an IT Professional, so entirely unrelated as far as PHC goes. Besides, I am kind of politically at odds with the school after being subject to that environment.

My sisters and mother have been involved in various ways with ACCS for at least a year or so, I think. I almost showed up for that dance but T.W. thought that when I got there it should already be over, although it went for another hour or two. (I generally presume upon her honest intentions, although, I can't say for all others)

mm.... that makes sense...

Ahh yes, I figured that out before you commented back on here. There are always ways to locate people... ;)

SinginginHisName said...

hmmm, interesting could you share why you are polictically at odds with the school? sounds interesting.

I had not seen your sister and mother at the ACCS before and I have been to four events. I don't see how I could have missed them before considering how small the event is. But maybe I did. I am now a matron for the confederates and I basically know everybody. So it was weird not seeing them before if they have come before.

Yeah fb is a great way to locate people.
By the way I will be out of town starting tomorrow, so I won't be back on my blog or fb until monday. just a heads up. :)

Justin Gist Preuninger said...

Well, PHC is basically an extension of the Republican Party. I pretty much hate the Republican Party right now. I lean more libertarian and find some common ground on various issues even with Democrats at times, because the GOP political philosophy isn't entirely sensible. I currently consider myself a moderate democrat with an ideology of libertarian aristocratic populism. Right about now, you're probably thinking this doesn't follow... and you're probably close to correct. But, to explain... I believe in accountable government (not direct democracy, but real representation... not government for the special interests or just one class of people), wiping out as much of the Federal Government (including getting rid of the Union if need be), accountable aristocracy as a means of shepherding a nation to what is good and right, monarchy as the sole solid human base for stable and just government and honor, and economic justice (which includes tariffs, local production/manufacturing, just and honest monetary policy... including abolishing the Federal Reserve). Government exists to establish justice and protect opportunity. Well, that's really just the tip of the iceberg, but you can see that a large amount of that flies in the face of PHC's ideology.

I know for a fact this wasn't their first event, but my family and I operate on two entirely different schedules... I was just fairly certain they've been to a couple of things for some time now. But they may have missed some events because of scheduling conflicts, etc.

Oh, well, thanks! :)

Elinor Dashwood said...

I tagged you, Rebecca, on Hooks and Needles! :-)

Kimmie said...

Oh Rebecca...

You sound wonderful. Your choir did a smashing job..thanks for sharing it.

Hey, do you want to teach me how to put a video on blogspot? I haven't a clue, but I'd love to know how for when we go to Ethiopia to get our daughter Princess Sweetness.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

*expecting again...from Ethiopia!

SinginginHisName said...

Thanks Elinor for the tag! And Kimmie thank you so much! Our choir worked really hard and its such a joy to sing with them!

I did the tag Elinor! It was lots of fun and Kimmie I also tagged you for the meme. Oh and I put some instructions on your newest blog post on your blog about putting videos up.