Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas is in the air!

Hi everyone!

I am so excited and at the same time not ready for christmas to be here! I am working dilligently on christmas gifts and christmas music for voice and piano. I thought I would share with you some christmas music that I am using right now and some christmas CD's and some books I have recently bought from amazon that I am loving!

This first one here is a Celtic woman songbook. I absolutely love these gals! There voices are gorgeous and so are their songs! Right now in this book I am learning the song sung by kelly one of the 5 in the group. It is called Green the Whole Year Round and I love it! See for yourself here how gorgeous it is!!

I also bought their other song book as well that has some great music in it!! It even has gaelic!!! I love gaelic!

My sister and I were joking the other day about a song called "Dulaman" , because it is in gaelic and the song is about two seaweed falling in love!!! hahahah! its very pretty though! But its quite strange! lol

I want to learn that song next after christmas.

Here is a wonderful CD I bought that is by Selah! They are my favorite singing christian group!!! Oh my there voices are so wonderful! They also do hymns and very moving beautiful older style music that I love. here is there christmas Cd I just bought from amazon as well.

I also bought their CD of their greatest hymns. its wonderful as well and of course its from amazon!

I am so thankful to have had the money to buy these enjoyable things to usher in the christmas season.

I also bought two books having nothing to do with christmas, but they sounded great and I have started the one about modesty, but not gotten out of the first chapter yet. I am so busy this week.

This book was not written from a christian viewpoint. I just wanted to understand what the secular culture is saying about the issue of modesty. I am looking at this next book to purchase in the future. It looks very good and is from a christian viewpoint. I am suprised to not have heard of it before.I would not recommend this book for girls under age 18. But if a parent reads and says their daughtar may read it that would also be a good way to see if the book is appropriate.

I will have to write a review on the book A Return to Modesty after I read it.

I also bought the book Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper. It was recommended to me by a few friends and I think it will be a very good read.

For christmas I would love to have this ESV study Bible. Its light blue my favorite color and I love the ESV version of the Bible.

Also on my list for christmas is this CD by Kayley Westerna. She has a gorgeous voice. She is not a christian vocalist though.

I would also recommend this website to listen to music for free.

I really like Pandora, because you can figure out what kind of music you would like to buy and yoiu can listen to whole samples of songs for free. that is how I figured out I like Kayley Westerna and Celtic woman.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend. I will be posting pictures next week from our civil war reenactment we are going to in Harper's ferry VA tomorrow. And tonight my church is having a live nativity and myself and my family will be participating and my grandparents will get to see it. Its a wonderful way to evangelize in the christmas season. I will post pictures from it as well sometime next week. School and piano and voice practice are calling before we have to leave for the nativity.

In Christ,


Ana Smith said...

I love Selah! My favorites on their hymns cd are "His Eye is on the Sparrow," "Part the Waters," and "Be Thou Near to Me." I'm just a bit jealous of your Celtic Woman collection. ;-)

The modesty book looks very interesting. I also enjoy reading secular books to get the world's perspective on certain issues.

"Never Saw Blue Like That" by Haley Westenra is on of my all time favorite songs, which I also found on Pandora.

SinginginHisName said...

Oh yes Part the Waters I think is one of my favorites of Selah's!!! I love them too! I will have to put a video hopefully up of me singing Green the Whole year round for everyone. Lots of people have not heard me sing and I know would like that. :)

Yes I agree reading secular books helps to understand others views.

Oh I will have to listen to that one on Pandora! Love pandora too!

Miss you Ana!!