Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy birthday Dad!

I thought I would post some pictures of my dad's birthday last sunday! He is a godly man and I am so proud of him. He is always there for me when I need Biblical advice and teaching and he is my protector and a wonderful husband to my mother.

Here are some pictures of the chocolate cinnamon cake we made for him. My mom and sister made the cake and I made the frosting. Its the favorite cake of my dad and I. We have it every birthday for the two of us every year.

I was reading the book Verses of Virtue, which is a book of christian poems by Elizabeth Bealle Phillips and I love this poem by J.R. Clements. I think the 2nd paragraph is a good description of my Dad and the whole poem describes our home. It is full of sinners, but this describes what we strive to have it look like. Espeically I have been trying to make it a more joyful place lately. The Lord has shown me I am sorely lacking in my joy. It does not mean I am completely happy, I won't be till heaven as my sister says; but it does mean I can be joyful because my Savior died for me and with joy set before Him he endured the cross for our family.
God Give Us Homes!! by J.R. Clements
"Homes where the Bible is honored and taught;
Homes with the Spirit of Christ in their thoughts;
Homes that a likeness to heaven have caught.
God give us homes!
God give us homes!
Homes with the father in priest-like employ;
Homes that are bright with a far-reaching joy;
Homes where no world-stain come to annoy.
God give us Homes!
God give us Homes!
Homes where the mother is queen-like in love;
Ruled in the fear of the Savior above;
Homes that to youth most inspiring shall prove.
God give us homes!
God give us Homes!
Homes with the children to brighten the hours;
Building and blooming like beautiful flowers;
Places of sunshine- sweet, sanctified bowers.
God give us Homes!"
I think this is a good description of what my parents try to put into our home. They try to make is a school, church, and a place of God. Its not just a building, its a place where our Savior dwells teaching us daily! Lord thank you for our home!!
In Christ,


Anonymous said...

Missing you! Beth's blouse is so perty! Did she make it?

SinginginHisName said...

Hey hannah! Yes I miss you too! Yes she made it last year. She altered a dress pattern to make it a blouse. She should post about it on her blog!! a great idea!

Anonymous said...

So is it a regency blouse? *sighs* I wish I had brought my regency pattern along, all I have is the ELC and the little girls patterns!

SinginginHisName said...

No it is not the regency pattern. Its a simplicity modern dress pattern. It has tucks and a boat next line. I will have to ask her to post about it on her blog sometime for you. :)