Monday, December 28, 2009

Cloche Hats

This is the hat with a red flower pin I already had that I just put over the bow that is on the side of the hat for a different look. I will have to wear this flower this week with some outfits. Can you tell I love this hat! :)

On saturday, the day after christmas, my mother and I decided we would brave the crowds and go shopping togeather. I was delighted as I have not been to a real store in ages it seems. I am the thrift store queen usually! :)

But it was a delight to go to Kohls and to Target. I purchased probably the best purchase I have made in a long time, a brown cloche hat!! I adore it and I just had to post some pictures of myself wearing it, curteosy of my dear sister's photography skills. She always gets great pictures, but somehow I own a camera and she does not! She just borrows mine! :)

This is the wonderful hat that I just adore! This is the hat as I bought it without any extra imbelishment. I love it this way, I wore this new sweater that is on me in the picture and the hat to church yesterday with my favorite brown tiered shirt, a white shirt, and my brown 30's style heels and I was set! I will have to post a picture of this ensemble sometime on here. I just adore it!
Besides this hat I want to purchase another cloche hat! I just love this style of a hat, I normally do not wear hats. But I love this style and I would love to have a few other colors and styles of this particular type of hat.
Here are some cloche hats I have found that are handmade on etsy that I would love to purchase in my dreams.
Just for fun the above site has some pretty elaborate hats! Have a look to just dream about having a fun hat!
This hat above I am seriously thinking about purchasing in the near future! I absolutly love it and its my favorite colors! I adore periwinkle/light blue and grey togeather! I wear this combo quite often with my cloths, or brown and light blue! My two favorite colors!
I would never dream of buying the above, as its quite out of my price range! Well the ammount I am willing to spend for another hat! Its quite gorgeous though!
The above hat I would quite seriously think of purchasing in the near future as well. Again, its light blue and I love this color and its simple, but still elegant and pretty! I think a hat can add so much to an outfit and its just not common anymore, which makes it such a breath of fresh air to me to wear one!
The above is the hat my sister adores and I could see her wearing this definately! Maybe someday she will own it! Its gorgeous!
Also I found this seller who has made her own patterns for a cloche style hat! She has many shapes and takes on this style as well as many sizes. I would be willing to buy a pattern and try to make my own as well in the near future. But right now I am saving to buy the light blue plain cloche or the elaborate one that has the blue flowers.
I hope you all have fun looking at these and I just love the cloche style and even if you do not want to spend the money on one for your own wardrobe, do pass this post on to others interested in past fashion! Its just fun to look! I hope this is as enjoyable for you all to read as it has been for me to look and dream about owning another one of these beautiful, feminine, acessories!
Also a young lady who went on the England trip with my sister and I back in September with Jennie Chancey has posted a little about cloche hats as well. Amanda Beth posted in the fall about the falls latest fashion trends and cloche hats were included.
In Christ,


Melanie said...

Your hat is adorable!! :-D You look so cute in it. :-)
It was great chatting with you today, I enjoyed it so much! :-D

Anonymous said...

Aw Becca... you look wonderful! I love the hat - it look simply darling on you. Tell Beth that she did a wonderful job with the pictures.
I wish that I loved hats, though I'm begining to "like" them. My Nana sent me a crochet hats book for Christmas and I have made a couple, though have yet to have them turn out the way I want. I almost feel like a hat would overcome my face too much... but I don't think it's any smaller than yours, so I probably could wear hats more often... (other than cold weather, winter hats - which I wear ALL the time!)

SinginginHisName said...

thank you Hannah and Melanie!

Melanie, yes I so, enjoyed and was encouraged talking with you as always! I feel like we have known each other for a while even though we have never met in person! :)

Hannah, yes I can see how you would think a hat would be too much! I thought so too, until I found this style that I like, yes I think crocheted hat would be cute. You should post pictures on fb when you make one up! I am sending your music soon! probably this week and I will tell beth you like her camera skills! :) miss you!

Aurora said...

Ooh, that is so pretty Rebecca!I really enjoyed reading your post and seeing all the beautiful hats you linked to. I haven't thought that much about wearing hats actually, but now I feel inspired and I might actually have to get myself some nice hat to wear. :)

SinginginHisName said...

thanks Aurora! I am so glad you enjoyed the links, I wondered if anyone would look at all the gorgeous hats! I tell you I am in love with them all! yes you should get a hat as well! have fun looking!