Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Cloche is up!!

I was just wanted to say that I think I have found my cloche! I believe I really am in love with this new cloche that one of my favorite sellers has put up today!! I love it and its light blue and has the most darling white bow! I think it will be perfect for sunday's best!!

what do you all think?! I just love it, should I buy this one or should I buy the plain one here--->

I am debating between the two, I think I just love the one with the bow better!

I think this one I will be asking for for my birthday here!---->

I think the above is the perfect easter hat! My birthday is in april, so its perfect!

In Christ,


Ashley Nicole said...

Oh! Those are all so pretty! And in light blue too! i don't know which one I like best, as I love them all!!

SinginginHisName said...

yes I know its so hard to choose! I love them all too!