Friday, January 15, 2010

I was going to just post about the sweater dress.....

And then I thought of all these things I could do with the sweater dress! So here are a whole bunch of outfits with this versitale peice! Also I posted some of the main clothing items I use and every feminine gal needs in her wardrobe, like a good pair of casual shoes, dress shoes, boots, and a coat and gloves. This is outfit number 1! Here is the sweater dress! Its merino wool and is a very warm dress for the winter and fall!
With a cloche hat or maybe another type of hat it adds even more interest and style to the outfit.

Details of the imfamous brown sweater dress! I bought this dress at the thrift store for only $10.00 back in October! It felt so blessed, as whenever I go into the thrift store I say Lord help me to buy only what I will use and need. I wanted to find a brown dress and a jacket that day, as well as a pair of brown dressy shoes. I found all 3 of these things! I felt so blessed. The jean jacket at the bottom, the brown heels too at the bottom of this post were those 2 other items I was blessed with! I now have a wardrobe of things that all can be mixed and matched better.

I love it even by itself, some sweater dresses look shapeless and boring alone, but I love it with my pearls and flats!

Now I am going to show you some combos I have come up with, just using the sweater dress as the base for the outfits.

I love just wearing a plain cardigan like my pink one I received for free from a friend with this dress! It looks great with my cloche as well.

denim jacket details.

Denim jacket embroidery details.

One of my favorite ensembles of them all, I love this denim jacket from Kohls, I don't remember how much it was, but it was after christmas probably 6 years ago I bought it.

Thrifted plaid jacket, I love the fit and its quite warm, its merino wool!!

Thrifted wool plaid jacket, it has a blue stripe in the plaid and brown in the plaid. So it goes great with my favorite blue scarf, also thrifted, my thrifted dress, brown cloche, and my brown flats.

Linen jacket, heels, and shirt dress is a simple and pretty look. I love the belted look, I use the belt from this jacket with many other dresses I own, as well as with shirts and skirts. Its a very versital accessory.

This is something I would wear to church or out and about, I love this shawl that I purchased from a friend for only $14.00, the fitted jacket is linen and was only $12.00 I think from the thrift store. It is an H&M jacket, I love their stuff! The cloche is from Kohls of course for only $15.00 as I posted earlier in December.

You can see my purple necklace in this photo. It was a gift for Christmas from my aunt and uncle and their family. I love purple!

This outfit above is the one I am wearing today, as I am just at home, blogging, sewing, doing chores, studying the Great Awakening, Our Countries birth, chemistry, piano and voice and spanish. I am just wearing the dress along with the purple necklace and my hair pinned up a little. I don't need a jacket or a sweater or stockings. I would wear a jacket or sweater along with stockings if I was out of the house.

I wear lots of jewelry to add to my outfits, here are some of the earrings I wear most often. I love my fake diamond studs I received for christmas, along with my silver CW reenacting earrings, I wear them for modern wear as well. I also wear the red rose ones from the dollar store with lots of outfits that have red in them. The blue butterflies go with many of my outfits, because I wear lots of light blue as well.

My basic necklaces are my cross which my dad bought for me when we visited the Vatican in Rome, Italy. I wear it most often, its my favorite! I also wear the gold locket sometimes, the heart necklace I also love!

I wear the pearl necklace and bracelet a lot! It goes with so much and is a nice vintage and feminine look! I also wear these 2 combs in my hair quite a bit for reenacting and modern wear. I love how they look! I will post pictures of how I wear them sometime too. I also wear the other two necklaces with lots of my outfits. You can get away with one good pair of earrings and a necklace, because it always looks fresh with different outfits.

My two necklaces and two earrings I wear most would be the pearls and my cross, along with my studs and my civil war earrings, these are the two sets I wear togeather the most! Just one necklace and a pair of earrings, or just earrings or just a necklace I think is just enough, its simple and pretty! :)

Every lady needs a pair of good boots to wear all the time in the cold weather months, this is my pair, which I purchased at the thrift store for only $12.00 I believe, they were pretty much in mint condition! I was so excited and blessed. I love brown and wear it more, so finding brown boots that were not too masculine or ugly was really nice!

Now these pair of lovely brown!! shoes I found at the local thrift store for only $8.00!! I love them and I wear them for church, going to my Patrick Henry choir classes, and other nicer occasions. I love the vintage feel of them! I had been looking for some 1940's style shoes and I was so suprised to find these in my size! The Lord provides for everything. I needed a nice shoe for church and there it was!

Now these jean flats are so comfortable! I did not find them at the thrift store, but they were only $30.00 at Off Broadway Shoe Wearhouse. Its more expensive, but I will use these for a long time. I still have a black pair of flats I have had for about 5 years!! they are so comfy as well!

These brown flats are one of my pairs of shoes I go to the most, they go also with everything and they are brown!! As I am a summer color palete, I love to wear brown over black. So I was just so excited to find these! Also from Off Broadway Shoe warehouse, for about $35.00 I believe.

And every girl needs a versitale coat and jacket for fall and winter! Here are my solutions.
Now every girl needs a fall/winter coat that goes with everything, my solution, a denim shirt dress! I found this dress at the thrift store for only $10.00 this past fall and I wear it as a jacket/coat when its not so chilly. I wore it more in the fall. Its a great fall coat!

My solution for snow and really cold weather and still looking feminine and not frumpy- My civil war reenacting coat!! I wear this coat all the time! It goes with just about every outfit, I wear it mostly with longer skirts, because with shorter skirts or my sweater dress it looks weird. But I wear longer skirts in the winter most everyday anyway! So its the perfect solution! As you can see I have shorter sleeves on it, so I wear sweaters underneath usually, then you can see what color my outfit is, which is neat. I was lazy and just put it on over my t-shirt today for the pictures.
I don't know about you all, but my hands are always cold when I am not at home. My solution pretty gloves.

One winter and fall accesory I love are my gloves! This grey pair is a wool and acrylic blend and is quite warm. I got them for christmas 2 years ago, I believe they are from J.C. Pennys.

This pair of gloves are vintage and I was just appaled when I saw them at the thrift store for only $2.00!!! I could have screamed and leaped for joy! They had a whole bin of vintage gloves, I also got a pair that I would not be suprised might have been for a wedding, for the bride to wear. They have cream embroidery on them and are suede cream color. I will have to post about them sometime. I use them for civil war reenacting mostly, but I may wear them with the new vintage shirt dress I am sewing up right now.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it will help any of you who have a hard time picking items that are versital, but are still feminine and you will actually use and love. Also I hope it will encourage you all to be frugal and try and find those sales and thrift store finds. It really helps if you are like me and are a single gal who does not have a lot of money. Even you mom's out there probably can benefit emmensly from thrifting and gettings those sales! Its also just fun, I love the hunt!
I have decided that at least once a week I will do a post about a thrifted outfit I have for a few weeks. I have a lot of items also that I have purchased through thrift stores. I love sharing different outfits that I have come up with, its hard these days sometimes to find things that you like, are modest and feminine, and are not too pricey! So I will try and post about ways I have been frugal in buying modest, feminine clothing.
In Christ,


Ashley Nicole said...

I love your post, Rebecca! We have very similar taste in jewelry, shoes, well everything! :D

SinginginHisName said...

:) Well I am not suprised at our similar taste! Great minds think alike right?! Glad you enjoyed the post!

Melanie said...

I had never even heard of sweater dresses until I read Ashley's post from the other day. Both of you had such fun and creative ideas for mixing and matching with a sweater dress. I need to take lessons from you. ;-)

SinginginHisName said...

LOL I would love to give you lessons Melanie! *looks for her plane to get there!!* I wish I could come and visit you sometime! Who knows maybe in the future Lord willing! I need to come and visit you too Ashley!! I am so glad we met on the S&S tour!! :)

Justin Gist Preuninger said...

Merino wool is awesome! I wear merino sweaters/vests all the time... :D It's a nice dress you have there... :)

BTW, speaking of sweater dresses, I ran into one when I was shopping in Chevy Chase... and I really thought the material worked nicely. I think it was sleeveless and they had placed a blouse under it on the mannequin, similar to the chemisettes in the new Emma series coming up on Masterpiece. Unfortunately, the dress was probably around $300. :P

SinginginHisName said...

WOW Justin a $300 dollar shirt dress! sounds lovely! Just shows you can have the same look for way less!

Yes I love merion wool! thanks for you comment!

Hannah said...

what a great post!

kbs said...

You are soooo creative! Have you thought of a "career" in fashion design?

SinginginHisName said...

Thank you Hannah!

Mrs. S no I have not thought of a career in fashion, I love making outfits at frugal prices though. I think studying music will be what I will pursure for after high school learning. But I will definately still have fun with my wardrobe and helping my friends! :)

in a world of my own said...

What is the pattern for that civil war jacket? I love it!!

SinginginHisName said...

In a world of my own, this civil war coat is a combo of 2 different patterns. Its a combo of the Past Patterns and the Kay Fig Paletote patterns. Coats for women and men were called "paletotes" in the civil war. My sister over at the diary of a seamstress is going to do a post about my coat and how we sized the pattern down and how we used both patterns to make the pattern for my coat. So yes keep posted! there will be a post at my sister's blog about this coat! :)

Oh and thanks for stopping by! God bless!