Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving is here and Christmas gift progress!

Hi everyone!
I know all of you are probably not blogging today or reading blogs, but its been a lazy morning for me besides getting some christmas gifts finished for friends. We have not even started baking or cooking our dinner, but the turkey is in the oven. Now to get to those pies, casseroles, and setting the table while listening to christmas music. I always look forward to thanksgiving I believe even more than christmas sometimes. Here is tutorial I used to do christmas gifts this morning with my tea cups I thrifted a while ago.

My sewing box, that a friend made for me last year. I love it! Its so handy to put all my needles, thread, and sizzors inside of!

The traditional tea cup pin cushion

 The gravy boat pin cushion, its not too big I don't believe. I love the way this photo turned out! And I don't do great pictures, our camera is awesome!
                                                                 The retro pin cushion

                                                            The whole clan all together

 What do I do to stay sane while I study for US History 1 clep exam I do my scarves while reading. I also started besides my civil war sontag above in lavendar a scarf for a friend out of this crazy yarn below. Its a lot prettier in real life of course! :) I also finished The Children of Cloverly, which is a great little story from the Lamplighter company. I would highly recommend it! all their stories are to inspire to be more and more as our Savior is! I was encouraged and loved reading it while knitting. I am in love with knitting now that I can actually do it thanks to God Almightly alone for helping me to get it! :)
I also read The Power and Freedom of Forgiveness last night by John MacArthur. I am still in awe of the Lord because He forgives us and died for us when we don't deserve anything! We are so sinful, yet He loves us even more than we could imagine! Have a happy day today and may you all realize and be in awe once again of God's gifts to us and especially the blessing of His Son who died to save us from our sins! God bless!



Ashleigh said...

What a cute and creative present idea!! I love anything crafty and homemade! The only other tea cup present/craft idea I've seen, is someone putting a cupcake inside a tea cup for a birthday present. It was so cute and I really want to try it and this tutorial someday. Great tutorial, and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

God bless,

Anonymous said...

Keeping your hands busy while reading something that requires concentration, tends to work so well!

The projects are looking very nice...and so are the presents. The teacups are perfect for any sewer :)

Be blessed!


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...


I found your blog through CP! :)

I loved reading about your crafts--my sisters and I knit and sew too. :)


Christine said...

I need to learn to knit. I crochet, but I love the beauty of knitted pieces. My husband is getting his degree by taking CLEPs and Dantes Exams and will graduate from Thomas Edison. He is a senior now. He was enrolled with College Plus for one year and loved it! Your blog is a joyful place; thank you so much for commenting on my blog.I attend a family integrated church, and it is a great blessing to me. Blessings!