Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas, winter, and sewing

Hey everyone!

We we are back home to good old virginy safe and sound as of an hour ago. We found some wonderful antiques and vintage things in West VA and I wanted to share what I found with you all. Besides fabric and awesome aqua tights at walmart along with some comfy new black comfy pj pants, I found some lovely tea cups to use for gifts for christmas. I am going to make some things for my dear friends who sew out of these beauties. They cost me a grand total of only $6.00 for all 4 tea cups. Get this at one thrift store one of them was $1.00, one was 50 cents and one was 25 cents. Then at another thrift store another one was $4.00 and I could not pass it up as it was my friends personality all over! So it was money well spent and I have all the supplies to finish the craft/sewing project already. Can you guess what I am sewing up with these tea cups?! Well I will not tell as some of my friends may guess and then know what I am giving them. :)

 The two above are so different, but so beautiful! I love the big floral and the simple little floral.
 I love the antique style of the tea cup and gravy boat. I thought I could still use the gravy boat for this project as it was so beautiful and not too big at all.
 Last night I had the urge while listening to Josh Grobans christmas CD called Noel to cut some paper snow flakes. At my church I am planning to makes with some children from our church as well as children from Prison fellowship families who we are having a christmas party for in December. Its a great ministry and if you have not heard of prison fellowship!
 I thought it gave a wintry look to my room and made me more in the christmasy mood even though its not thanksgiving quite yet. I am content with it raining leaves all day instead of snow. :)
 I have been playing christmas music off and on for 2 weeks now and this past weekend it was so fun to sing christmas carols with a friend of mine. She took this picture above of me playing while we sang together.
 I had the inspiration from some friends this past weekend to sew ribbon onto my civil war corset as well and now it dawns some red ribbon to make it a little more fun. My dear sister Bethany Lynn made this corset for me. I love it and no they are not uncomfortable and they are not torture devices. They are much better than the modern undergarments of today I believe actually! So much more comfortable to wear and supportive. They are much warmer too for these cold months. I wear mine under a sweater all the time at home.
I used polyester ribbon and yes my fellow living historians and reenactors I was farby doing this, but I did not want to choke up the money for ribbons that were silk at the moment and I will be changing them out for accurate ones in the future. No I do not want to be farby, but since this was just fun for me and no one will see it at events I did it. I would never ever use anything polyester for anything else on my period clothing. I will never use things such as this on my dresses or other undergarments. This was just a fun thing that will probably never be seen and will be changed in a few months I predict. :)

Well have a lovely day and I will be posting again hopefully by the end of the weekend pictures of my every day outfits as well as about the reeactment we are doing on saturday.

God bless and In Christ,


Stephanie Ann said...

Don't feel bad about your ribbon--remember it is supposed to be fun. It's not something that will ever be on display for people to see.

I don't believe in misleading the public but we sometimes have to make cost efficient adjustments (such as metal boning instead of recycled baleen.)

My friend Sophia wrote about a horror that happened to her before she had time to sew authentic undergarments:


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you arrived filled with goodies and excited about the upcoming season.

I know what you will be doing with those lovely teacups...I have some that were gifts from last year, which I still use :)

I agree with you...corsets are wonderful and they are able to keep you from having bad posture.

Blessings dear one,


Miss Virginia said...

I love the ribbon Becca! We are all going to look so cute! :D


SinginginHisName said...

Stephanie it was fun and great to read from your friend about her experience. I am glad I wear period undergarments every event I do. :) hehe

Maria yes I can't wait to do those gifts with the tea cups and Ginny yes we will all be adorable. :)

In Christ,

Ashleigh said...

Those teacups are really lovely! My grandmother and I go to antique shops occasionally, and now I'm really wanting to start collecting teacups. You got a really good price for thos cups. For some reason, I always end up being attracted to the most expensive tea cups in the store!lol.

Have a blessed day,