Monday, November 8, 2010

WIFD Day 2

Hey everyone!

Here is my outfit for today. I wish I had gotten pictures outside. But I forgot to get a picture until now when I am tired and its so dark outside already. I finished a denim skirt with the same simplicity pattern I used for my other new black skirt. I really like the style and its a lot more modern and I love the knee length as I usually wear longer skirts. I had been wanting some shorter, but still modest options.

 The sweater I got for free, its a hand me down. I love it as its warm and bright and cheery.
 Closer up picture of the box pleat in the front on the skirt.
The light blue top I remember getting at walmart years ago. I wear it often and the t-shirt underneath is from kohls I believe. I don't remember prices. My black flats I got thrifted for $4.00.

Have a lovely evening and restful night!

In Christ,


Ashley Nicole said...

A simply lovely outfit, Rebecca!

SinginginHisName said...

Thanks Ashley! Yes it was simple type of day! ;) Today I am doing a more complex outfit. :)

Anonymous said...

That is such a beautiful color on you Rebecca :)

I also am making shorter skirts, modest ones. But not for the winter. The weather here in the mountains is absolutely brutal, so short skirts are just not to be contemplated...but Spring will be here before you know it and then I can enjoy them.

Thank you for sharing...