Monday, November 1, 2010

Feminine Monday

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share with you a favorite outfit of mine I wore yesterday and today. A white blouse with my favorite wool plum sweater and favorite jean skirt and black shoes.

All of these items were thrifted or given to me. The sweater was $7.00 thrifted, the skirt was $7.00 thrifted, the blouse was free from my sisters closet, and the black shoes were $4.00 thrifted. That a grand total of only $18.00 and I have used these items over and over again! The jean skirt goes with so many of my things in my closet as does the sweater, shoes, and blouse.

 Yeah you can see my desk with my earl grey tea, computer, and water. I have been studying for my first clep exam all morning. Lord willing I will  get it done by the end of the week at the local university. Its the Analyzing and interpruting literature clep. Never thought I would have to know what a bathos or a simile or a syntax and the like ment. But now poetry, prose, and dramas are in my head! :)
I have found as others ladies I know agree that when you dress in a feminine and beautiful manner you are more likely to be motivated to get things accomplished. Maybe its just me, but when I put on a feminine outfit I am ready for the day and reading to tackle tasks that need to get done. I love cleaning when I am in a 1950's shirt dress or a skirt and blouse, I do not always wear extremely fancy or over the top outfits, but I want to dress in a way that is modest, makes me feel beautiful, and pleases my Heavenly and earthly father. I want my reputation to be good in others eyes, our clothing says a lot about our inner person. It says who we are. So if you are dressing in an immodest manner that may say there is something that needs to be dealt with on the inside. I know for me the inside of my heart had to be dealt with before I could see that my outer appearance needed to be dealt with in regards to modesty and femininity too. So pray about it to the Lord. He always answers!

In Christ,


Miss Virginia said...

Beautiful, Becca! Exactly what we were talking about the other night, isn't it? Wearing feminine (not fancy) things helps you feel motivated and gets you out of the "blah" zone, both emotionally and physically! I think that's one of the things that attracted me to vintage styles so much--they always look so *nice* and feminine and put together--polished. Even for cleaning house, a ruffled apron and a pretty gingham house dress. :) People used to put *so* much more effort into their appearance long ago, it's really a shame.


GodeysKnits said...

Oh, I just love your outfit! The skirt is very cute! Love the sweater out of all :)

SinginginHisName said...

thanks all! Yes Ginny its like we were talking about the other day. If you feel beautiful you will feel motivated to get things done. ;)

In Christ,

Olivia said...

That's such a cute skirt! I love a good denim skirt...they match pretty much anything! And I do agree, I feel so much more motivated when I'm dressed like a lady! It makes me feel quite domestic! Haha. Keep up the good posts!