Friday, November 5, 2010

Feminine Friday

Hey everyone!

So in case you were wondering, no I did not wear my 1830's gown from Sarah all day today. I wore the outfit below for most of the day. I love fall colors, even though I am a winter in the colors that are best on me. So I still wear browns and reds that are not the right colors. :) I love tartens and I found the skirt below at the thrift store, but it was too big in the waist and too long in the hem. So it was a quick fix to redo the elastic waist band and hem the skirt higher. I love it and its wool! So its quite warm and was only $5.00 I believe. Can't remember exactly. My red sweater was also a thrift store find and no mending was needed for $5.00. My brown top was from target for $10.00. So my outfit was pretty much not that costly, since I wear all these things with other things in my wardrobe anyway. Oh and the shoes were $4.00 at the thrift store as well. I love brown shoes!

I am also wearing cotten green socks/ stocking in civil war terms that I wear for civil war living history and colonial, but I also wear them for modern wear as well since they are so warm! I love them.

I love fall and I am loving where the Lord has me at this time in life. I just passed my first clep exam yesterday for my college studies through collegeplus! I am so glad that is over with! It was the analyzing and interpruting literature exam. It was hard for me as I do not love the types of poetry and drama you have to read. All of its romance, or modern, or just plain depressing. But the Lord is good giving us His Word that is not depressing! Its living and activie and beautiful! I am so grateful for His beautiful dramas and poetry to us that is living!

In Christ,


Sarah Jane said...

What a pretty oufit! Here I am covered in brown threads from the linen tunic I'm working on and feeling decidedly un-feminine in a steel gray sweater and black jeans. You've inspired me to dress up more feminine and in more fallish colors before David gets home from work tonight! Thank you!

Lydia said...

Hello, I'm relatively new to your blog. My mom referred me to look at it. She is always on-the-look out for blogs by young ladies who enjoy being young ladies! =) I have enjoyed reading it so far.
On a little different note, I am also a 'winter' as far as colors go that look good on me. However I have found that if I use other 'season' colors in a rich enough hue, than I'm still pretty safe. Red is one of my favorites. =)
God bless!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca....I am not sure what color of season I am, but I know that deeper hues tend to be the best for my complexion.

Dressing feminine is so easy once you get used to it...isn't it?

I pray that you will continue to seek Our Lord's guidance as you pursue this new facet of your education.

Thank you Rebecca for visiting the cottage...your comment, as always, was so encouraging.


SinginginHisName said...

Sarah I am so glad that I inspired you! That is one thing that I strive to do on my blog, the main the reason to inspire other women to live life glorifying the Lord above all! Espeically in all areas of our lives including dress. :)

Lyida thanks for commenting! I am flattered that your Mom recommended you to come to my site to read! :) I am so glad that so many can be encouraged through the Lord through my writings and photos. ;)Yes wearing darker colors or even brighter colors tends to work with my fair complection and dark hair too. :)

Maria yes I did not know what season I was until I was told from a friend. :) Its hard for me to even tell what other people are color wise for each season. I am thankful for other christian gals who can help me figure that out!

Yes I am so encouraged by your blog too! I love being able to read about a stay at home mother that realizes that her job can rock the world! :)

Thank you all of you for your great comments and encouragement! I love reading your blogs as well!

In Christ,