Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 1 of WIFD and Suprise!!!!!!!!!

Hey ladies!!!

I am a very happy daughter and seamstress in the making right now because I get to introduce you to my new sewing machine!!! Yes I have a new sewing machine, curtousy of my father who is gifting me this sewing machine as an early christmas gift. I have a lot of sewing projects coming up and in the making and I paid for half of the machine. Its not the thread banger that I wanted, but its a Janome and its the Magnolia, which is pretty much the same as the thread banger. It just does not have the same ammount of stitches. I am so happy and I have almost finished two sewing projects this weekend I will plan to share with you all soon. Its lovely and I could not be happier! What a blessing from the Lord to have my own sewing machine.

 For all of you who do not know WIFD stands for a week in feminine dress. Jennie Chancey over at Sense and Sensibility patterns hosts this at here online forum. Her website is in my side bar. I wear dresses/skirts on a daily basis and I have been for 3 years now, but I still love to share my outfits to encourage others in feminine clothing. Although I do wear pants sometimes when needed, I still try to be feminine and set apart as a woman of the Lord in whatever I am wearing.

You can see my outfit better in this last photo. Its the skirt I made this past week I already posted about along with my favorite purple top that was only $5.00 at Ross last year. Its the same top I am wearing in my profile picture and wore for my graduation pictures. I paired this top with a long sleeve white shirt for warmth since its so much colder today and I was ready for church. I also was helping in the nursery at church after discipleship hour, so I needed to be warm, but not too warm. So ballet flats were in order, not boots.

It was fun chasing 3 year olds around and bouncing babies on my hip. With no younger siblings church is really the only time I get to be with children, unless we visit to bring meals to all the families at church or just go to visit. Which is probably only every other month. So yeah I was happy! :)

have a lovely monday tomorrow and renewing Sabbath!

In Christ,


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rebecca!!!

I know the excitement I felt when I got my first sewing machine 20 yrs ago... There is nothing like it. The creative juices begin to flow and you just can't wait to begin your projects :)

I also wear skirts and dresses only. Pants are only when needed and not outside the house.

What a delight you are to encourage others that yes, you can do everything in skirts & dresses and look feminine in the process.


Stephanie Ann said...

That's so great! My sister always steals my sewing machine. :D We're okay with sharing it, but changing needle sizes and thread colors can be really annoying.

Now we get to see more pretty things you'll make. I can't wait. Oh, I love that shirt. It has such a pretty and feminine cut to it.

Ashleigh said...

What a great present!! You must have been so excited when your father surprised you with the sewing machine!! I love anything to do with creating!:) Just recently, I found Sense and Sinsibility patterns online. The dresses on there are so beautiful. I thought about ordering one of the easy regency dress patterns, but I think I need to brush up on my sewing skills first;)

Welcome dear friends! said...

That's fantastic!
You must be so excited when your father give you the sewing machine!
My father bought me one last year for my 11 years old birthday, and I still enjoy it!
I know you would love it!