Thursday, November 18, 2010

New skirt and how to wear civil war boots today

Hi everyone!

I thought I would post a new favorite outfit of mine since I did not get to post my outfits I wore during Week in feminine dress. Today I wore a favorite sweater of mine that my sister gave me a few years ago. A long sleeve purple shirt that was free. A necklace I borrow a lot from my mother. And a skirt I made recently with my new janome sewing machine and some denim from the walmart in West VA.


 I also wore some teal tights I got for only $1.00 on our recent trip to west VA. I love the color! They are loud, but fun to wear. The socks with lace are from my mother from last years christmas and they are from the victorian trading company. I had wanted them for a long time and I wear them weekly in these cold winter months.

 So I had how to wear civil war boots, well I never thought I would wear my robert land civil war boots without a civil war dress and all, but I believe they are cute and add a nice old fashioned flair. So I wore them with my lace socks and stockings and I thought they were cute. My sister thought I was crazy and my mom loved it. :)
So my whole outfit only cost me $11.00! :) That was for the tights and $10.00 or so for the denim fabric for my skirt. The boots were a gift from my parents for my birthday 2 years ago when we started living history, the socks were also a gift for christmas from my parents, and the shirt was free, and the sweater was also free. I also borrowed the necklace. So my whole outfit was pretty cheap. I love being thrifty.

have a wonderful rest of your Wednesday! I have already been singing and playing christmas music, studying the american revolution, french and indian war, and the great awakening for about 3 hours today. Thats the longest I have studied for a long time. I am going to go and read The Patriots History of the United States and The Power of Forgiveness by McArthur and enjoy the rest of the evening with my family.

Tea really helps when you are studying :)

In Christ,


Anonymous said...

Yes it does...:)

Your outfit is just perfect...I really like the brightness of the tights and the fun/lace socks with your booties.

I am a big fan of old fashioned boots...they do add a nice flair to every outfit :)

Study for comprehension...


Ashleigh said...

Very cute!! I love your civil war boots! Anything old fashioned or vintage is neat to see!

Jamie said...

Your outfit is gorgeous! I especially love the skirt!! :D