Tuesday, November 9, 2010

WIFD Day 3

Hi everyone!
Today is the 3rd of week in feminine dress over at the Sense and Sensibility forum. I love Jennie Chancey's patterns and today I am wearing her edwardian apron, which I made fom her pattern 3 summers ago. Yes I do not buy new clothing for these weeks when I post pictures of my outfits. I have also had this blouse for two years from the thrift store. I love ice blue! Can you tell? I wore another ice blue top yesterday. Its my favorite color! :)
 I am also wearing a skirt made out of cotten flannel I made 2 years ago. I am always wearing this skirt all winter and fall, because its so nice and warm because its flannel.
 The pattern I used for the skirt is the folkwear 1910 skirt pattern, which I highly recommend. Folkwear pattern company has a website you can google it. They specialize in patterns that are of past eras of clothing. Another great site as well as Sense and Sensibility for patterns that are of historical clothing styles. I love edwardian can you tell? Thats my theme for today as well as my hair up in a bun as I have not washed it since saturday. :)
Bethany my sister the photographer thought you just had to see the back of my outfit. I guess its pretty to see all the layers and the gathers in my skirt. :) I also borrowed my necklace from my mother. :) She did not mind. I have been playing with children this morning ages 3 and 4 as well as a baby. My pastors wife came over to see some crafts my family is selling for the christmas season. It was fun playing with them. I also had to do some pretty dirty chores, hence the apron.

Have a lovely rest of your tuesday and I pray that you all are blessed by this blog post about feminine dress. You can be beautiful, modest, and still wear pretty cloths that are not expensive and be put together. ;) You don't have to do todays fashions,but I believe one should still be modern enough to relate to others who may not wear feminine styles.

In Christ,


Ashley Nicole said...

Oh! This is one of my favorite outfit's of yours, Rebecca! I love everything!

Justin Gist Preuninger said...

love this look! :) I think I'm going to link to this on facebook, I hope that's good with you :)

SinginginHisName said...

Ashley glad you love it! ;) One of my favorite outfits to wear right now too.

Justin sure go right ahead. I would love to be on fb.

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful look on you :)

The skirt is just so lovely on you...the apron is just perfect for long skirts...yes, I like Edwardian fashion also :)


Kris10 said...

I wanted to say thank you for posting a WIFD pictures. It's so nice to see other girls focused on wearing feminine, and modest attire.

Your such an inspiration. I really enjoy reading you blog.


GodeysKnits said...

This is simply adorable!