Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Todays outfit and what I'm up to

hey everyone!

I thought I would post my outfit for today, as I wear it often and its one outfit I have never posted about yet. I was inspired to post a picture of my outfit from yesterday as I was reading Jamies blog yesterday. I had trouble uploading my photos last night. So here they are now. And no I do not use the exercise ball for exercise, just for sitting at my computer or sometimes to stretch. :) I am not trying to comform to the law she is going by, but I thought it was funny I could pass the rules she is going by. I do not wear head coverings, but I wore a scarf today that could pass for one although that was not why I wore it. It was just pretty I thought.
 The shirt is from target a long time ago and I love the teal color. The skirt is from J.C. Penneys this past October. I love it and wear this one often! My sister and I were so suprised to find modest and beautiful skirts even at in this store! Its hard to find usually! So we each grabbed one.
Sort of a strange photo, but I wanted to edit out a lot of the other stuff in the photo. I thought it turned out sort of neat angle. :)

Have a blessed day and another post coming tomorrow about my weekend.

In Christ,


Stephanie Ann said...

I used to type sitting on an exercise ball. It was a lot of fun. :D

Anonymous said...

You look just lovely :)

The colors are dark...but perfect with your coloring.

I also do not wear a head covering, I am not led by Our Lord to do so. A scarf is something I also do, if it goes well with the outfit.

Be blessed dear one,


Melanie said...

It's a lovely outfit!!!

Miss Virginia said...

I love your outfit Becca! Especially the blouse :)

See you this weekend!


Jen ( said...

I really enjoy that second photo. It is unique angle. :)

Jamie said...

I. Love. Your. Shirt. :D And your skirt!

So pretty!

Christine said...

How lovely! I love your very feminine outfit. Blessings!