Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Harpers Ferry, VA Christmas 1861

Hey everyone! I have not posted very regularly I am aware! So I thought I would let you all in on some of what I have been up to when I am not studying, sewing, singing, or playing christmas music. We went to harpers ferry for a christmas civil war event last saturday. It was great fun and we had lots of new friends come along with us as well! Here are some of the photos all them done by myself and friends with our new camera. Woohoo! We did pictures with our own camera at an event. a first in a long while!
 we found this old abandoned house and it was perfect for photos of all the gals!

 getting to the house was a feat! over all these walls and rails!

 We played red rover and were quite silly! It was great as we were little women as we had big women and little women. It was fun playing in our big hoops and all the petticoats.

 Our friend even ripped her dress playing the game! It was great for memories but not so much for her as she had to pin herself the rest of the day so her dress did not fall apart!
 The fire place above in the little abandoned house.
 All the older gals and myself, you can sort of see the new trim I put on my coat recently. It was fun doing all the braiding!

 The bridge we had to cross to get to the old house and we did not get photos of the historical town we were staying in unfornately! I forgot! So we only have pictures of us in modern places. but that is alright right?!

 All going along singing christmas carols and skipping as we went!
 Here is the whole crew!
and yes I look quite funny skipping in my cage! lol

have a wonderful rest of your tuesday evening and I am back to sewing christmas gifts and then off to bed!

In Christ,


Miss Virginia said...

Ahhh!! There's the rip! lol. I pinned it up today and it doesn't look quite as bad as I thought it would. Perhaps there's hope yet. ;)

All the girls together look so cute!


Anonymous said...

My dear friend,

What joyful times you had with everyone :)

The dresses look so pretty on all of you...what a sight you must have been to the unsuspected onlooker ;)

Be blessed dear one,


Melanie said...

You girls look lovely in your historical dresses and wraps!
The "skipping" pictures make me think of The Sound of Music. :-D

Stephanie Ann said...

Those photos are awesome! I love the second photo from the top and the one of everyone playing red rover. Your coat is very pretty, did you use a pattern?

SinginginHisName said...

thanks ladies for your kind thoughts! Ginny I am glad your dress is in better condition than you had anticipated! Lord willing you can get it fixed to look brand new again!

Yes Stephanie I made my coat from a pattern, but my sister and a friend of mine helped me size it down quite a bit. My sister posted about that on here blog here-http://diaryofaseamstress.blogspot.com/2010/02/rebeccas-paletote.html

its the period impressions pattern. Its a terrible pattern when not sized down in the bust and other areas. She says sort of what she did in that post. If you have more questions just let tell me or her on our blogs. I added the new trim a month ago, so thats new. I love the way it turned out with the trim. I free handed(sewed) it without using a template or a photo. I just made up the braiding on the sleeves! It was so fun!

love getting comments from you all! made me smile! :)

In Christ,

GodeysKnits said...

I love each and every one of these photos! It looks you girls had such a fun time out in Harper's Ferry!! All the unique individual layers and shawls- sontags,scarves, hairdos, and coats all make it look so authentic- the younger girls look so cute by the way! I enjoy looking at these!