Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sewing tutorials and thoughts on health insurance

I thought since I do not have a camera as of right now because I forgot it at a friends home I would post all the lovely tutorials I have been trying out these past few days. I have been sewing crazy of of late!

Fabric storage bin I made today!

Pot holders I made yesterday and the day before.

Tea Cozy tutorial I am going to try out today.

FestiveBunting I tried out last night while watching Shirley Temple in Rebecca of SunnyBrook Farm on netflix instant play and then finished them while listening to my father read from the Bible about the Christ child. I just love family Bible study that we do each evening! Its an answer to my prayers to have prayer as a family and Bible study each evening. Had been praying about it for 2 years and now it happened. Praise God!

Well have a lovely rest of your day and praise God I am still covered under the military health insurance despite my being the age of 19 going on 20. I will be covered as long as I am a college student and under 21. We had to go to the Fort today to get my ID renewed as well as my sisters. It was a lot of our morning and we had to leave bright and early at 7:30am and no I am not a morning person except when its a reenactment and its exciting to get up and start the fire going! :) The Lord is good and if I am still in my fathers house come this time next year we will figure something out for health insurance. What do you all do for health insurance if you are not in the military or have a father or husband who is serving or is a veteren?! If you have any ideas please comment!

In Christ,


Lola said...

The new health care bill requires insurers to cover children on their parents' plans until age 24 or 26, I think. That part of the bill already went into effect. Maybe military insurance is exempt, and if your parents have that they don't have to cover you? Not sure. When I graduated from college but didn't have coverage from my job yet, I used Aetna for my insurance. Your state may also have a low-cost insurance program for your type of situation. Or you could just keep your fingers crossed for universal healthcare!

Amy said...

I know quite a few families opting for Medi-Share (Christian Care Medical Sharing) instead of traditional insurance who are really enjoying the change.

Premiums are lower because of the strict requirements that members live a Christian lifestyle (ie: they are less likely to smoke or drink, more likely to use herbals or homeopathy for common ailments rather than going to the dr for every thing). It's kind of like a medical sharing fund, plus it's one of (I think) 5 medical sharing type companies whose members are exempt from being forced to buy insurance, per the healthcare law. (At least as it originally stood -- I think they're working on changing that now....?)


SinginginHisName said...

thanks ladies for your thoughts on health care! My parents have looked into doing the christian health care, but my dad thought for right now we would stick with our military health insurance until Beth and I if not married need it when we are over 21. I was just curious what others do who do not have military health insurance.

thank you again for you kind thoughts!

In Christ,