Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Williamsburg Trip Part 1

Day 1 of the trip back to 1776 at Colonial Williamsburg

 Yes we took a modern contraption that was not even pulled by a fine stead, it pulled itself along miraculously and we arrived at the famous city in good speed. :) Don't mind my small pen and paperless device which sends notes and letters to friends world wide. ;)

My dear friend Ginny was able to come with my parents and I to visit the historical town. Ginny and I dressed the part in our 18th century attire and fit right in as many asked us if we worked there or knew where things were. :) I lost my petticoat which I am holding in the above picture, as I ascended the steps of the "carriage" (the shuttle) while all the "normal" people stared at me. lol Ginny helped me and grabbed it when I stepped out of it discreetly. I kid you not readers this is the 3rd time in my living historian life that I have lost a petticoat at some event or another. It was hilarious! :) That is after the fact. If you would like to know the other two occurances happened in american civil war attire at two different dances. :0 It was definitely more awkward to step out of those pettis and get them out of sight. lol

 We heard "Thomas Jefferson" speak and then we were able to meet the gentlemen himself afterwards.

We found their lovely sheep, which we found out actually were not born and raised for their wool, but for their meat. I found that interesting they would not want their wool for fabric, I want to research if that was true. Any other living history buffs out there do add in your two cents if you know. :)

 My dear friend Ginny and my mother above. Love these ladies so much!

 Isn't Miss Virginia's gown so lovely?! I absolutely want a polonaise gown next!

Then to finish our day we went to Shields Tavern for supper and dessert. Thanks you Papa! The cinnamon ice cream in the picture with the berry tart was delish!! Thanks to my grandparents for letting us use their time share for the hotel! We would not have ever dreamed of this vacation without your generosity.

That day we were asked I have no idea how many times if we worked at Colonial Williamsburg or if we could have our picture taken. :) It was so much fun and delightful and exhausting all at the same time. We were so tired we watched Doctor Who that evening and drank hot chocolate. It was quite relaxing after a long day on our feet.

More photos from our second day in Williamsburg VA to come soon! 

Btw Ginny and I had the pleasure of meeting up with a fellow blogger and seamstress named Casey. She was so lovely and genuine in person, it was wonderful to meet her in person. You can see her post about Williamsburg as well at her blog. 

If you want to see more details about my gown see previous posts

I pray you all are having a delightful evening and are able to rest peacefully with the assurance only Christ can give. 

Rebecca Ann


Ana Smith said...

What a lovely day! You look so natural wearing that time period, I think perhaps you were born at the wrong time. But, I'm glad God placed you in the here and now so I could know you. :-D

Vicki said...

That looks like so much fun, Rebecca!! It's a dream of mine to go to Colonial Williamsburg someday ... and your dresses are absolutely stunning!! :-D

Thanks also for your comment on my blog - I agree, submission is a difficult lesson to learn. And it's so lost in today's world - even those of us who know Christ often struggle with it. I have issues with worry and despairing of ever achieving my dreams, which is really just another kind of unsubmission/rebellion against God's control in my life. I've been learning again lately to just rest and submit myself to the Lord's timing - what a difficult thing to do!

I can't wait to see more pictures from your trip! :-D


Rebecca Ann said...

Ana yes I agree I am glad the Lord placed me in this century for such a time as this. A friend of mine 4 years ago told me that she knew the Lord placed her in the 21st century for such a time as this just like Esther was in the Bible times. I had been living 4 years ago wishing I did not live in this 21st century. I was again like you said Vicki not submitting to the Lord in that way by being discontent with where He has placed me. Now I am glad to be placed in the 21st century in the place and time the Lord has placed me because He knows best. I am so glad to be able to follow Him in this way. :)

I am so glad I met you as well Ana! It was so much fun and so encouraging to be with you in London and Bath almost 4 years ago. :) I praise God for your encouragement in Christ and friendship Ana. <3

Vicki yes I struggle with that area of submission too!!! You are not the only one. I was fretting and becoming anxious this summer so badly to the point I was making myself sick. When I got down on my knees and asked God for forgiveness and repented of my sin of worry about the circumstances I was going through He healed me of my sin and sickness. Its so freeing to submit! Yes indeed. :) Thanks for your encouragement and sharing your struggles too Vicki.

I am praying for both of you ladies today and when i think of you. Any specific prayer requests just email me at

Love in Christ,
Rebecca Ann