Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Doctor Who Blog Party

Now I am not a blogger who usually participates in blog parties, I must confess I have scoffed at many blog parties and that was not too nice. ;) This one I could not scoff at because its all about Doctor Who!!! If you are a close friend of mine you would know I love love love Doctor Who and many of my friends think I am weird for that, but hey its a cool show and is hilarious. I will be participating and you can too if you want to come out and admit you love the show too. Hop on over to Natasha's blog and Ashley's blog to find out more! 

Rebecca Ann, yes I am a Doctor Who follower, the truth is out. ;)


Ana Smith said...

I love the Doctor! I watch it for the humor though. If it was all weird sci-fi stuff I honestly wouldn't care anything about it.

Rebecca Ann said...

Yes indeed the Doctor's humor is what makes it worth while to watch. :)