Sunday, October 28, 2012

Donna Inspired Outfit Of the Day

Hey ya'll! I was combing through photos of Donna on Google and remembered why I liked her so much! :) She is beautiful and funny and her style is really fun. I love all the colors she wears! I was inspired by her fushia top below as I have two tops similar to that one. Mine are not exact, but similar. I also loved her sweater below and happen to own a grey one. So I did both the top and the sweater together yesterday with black jeans for a different, but similar look to Donna.

photo credit
I also figured out an idea for the Doctor's real name. ;) I looked up a name that meant unkown and found the indian name Aayan. Maybe thats his name?! Its not that epic, but it sounds cool anyway. 
Any ideas on what you think his real name might be? Comment below.

photo credit

I also love her big necklce! She looks really good in cool colors for some reason, maybe this actresses hair is not really strawberry blonde?! :) I was trying to figure out if she was a winter or a summer or neither. Any color be beautiful fans have some ideas?

God bless!


Anonymous said...

I don't think they gave Donna that great of outfits but she was such a great companion and you pulled off her look.

Rebecca Ann said...

Thanks Victoria! I disagree though about Donna's outfits. I thought she had a lot of nice ones that flattered her well. Maybe I am weird. ;)


Hana - Marmota said...

No, you're not that weird, I love Donna's outfits myself; especially the dress she wears at Pompeii! And the 1920s number and the fluffy winter coat...
And I think she's an Autumn, actually. That's why she looks so good in these peacock-y colours!

Rebecca Ann said...

Hannah yes her fluffy coat and 20's number are some favorites too. But I love the Pompeii dress the best! :) I agree.

Oh that would explain the 2nd outfit looking so good on her. My sister is an autumn and looks good in that color too. The fushia top is not that great of a color on her though.


Danielle Pajak said...

I love this outfit! You did a good job emulating Donna's look. She did have a great sense of style. I liked her looks better than Rose's, from what I can remember. :)