Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Amy Pond and Martha Inspired OOTD

Hey ya'll! I hope your day is going well and if its not you can relax a little and have fun watching my video and seeing everyone else's fun outfits and doctor inspired blog posts. Today my outfit is inspired by Amy Pond and Martha, two of the characters in the tv show called Doctor Who. The trench coat I think is also more something the doctor would wear, but of course its a ladies version. I felt very british wearing this coat the other day when I did this video. :) Where's my cup of tea now?

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I think my trench looks similar to the one Martha is wearing above and my hair is inspired by that hairstyle as well. 

 photo credit

I was also inspired by Amy's beautiful outfit above and I would love to own her trench coat too! Its such a pretty color on her! 



KatySue Pillsbury said...

Super cute! I love the coat, I'm a sucker for long coats though! =)

Rebecca Ann said...

thanks KatySue! I love long coats too! :)